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The Understanding of Sales Toolbox

The is a Comprehensive lead management solution, which helps automotive dealerships run effectively. This lead management tool helps in reducing data capture time, tracking road-to-sale, providing intelligent analytical insight, enabling seamless customer communication, enhanced productivity tools and more.

The comes ready with out of the box integration to popular applications that are used for marketing and sales. It’s completely responsive and hybrid, available on Tablet, and Desktop.

The Understanding of Sales Toolbox

Terminologies of Sales Toolbox

Sales toolbox will review or assess currently connected tools and then help enterprises develop the new strategies. It’s collaborating sales team or sharpens sales and marketing strategy, tool tackles any sales challenges.

The sales toolbox performs activities to drive the sales process and complete various stages of the sales process.

The following actions are associated with the platform.

  • Task
  • Call logs
  • Events
  • Emails
  • Messages
  • Notes


The sales process is a long one, where tasks have to open for various activities. The authorities can assign any tasks to any salesperson. The sales team can get a unified view of tasks with any device. After the creation of the task, it will be reflected in the user calendar automatically. The sales teams can get access to any information at any time they want. sales toolbox

Call logs

The call log is one of the terminologies of the platform. It helps the salesperson to log customer calls- both incoming and outgoing. The call log information will get displayed in the activities list that associated with the opportunity. Help sales teams record call logs for reference.

Call logs


Did you know that comes with an open stack integration platform that is fully supported by QRS? integrates with any system that can share data through API, flat files, emails..etc. Contact us if you are looking for a connected system for your dealership.



In the sales process, all the events are created for various activities. However,  the created or edited events will get displayed in the Calendar section for further actions and future references. Events may be anything like meetings, client appointments, and more. Events can be assigned to any specific salesperson or manager. The is a connected collaborative platform where the sales team can easily access information.



Email allows the salesperson to seamlessly communicate with the opportunities and records the communication effectively. The salespeople have to communicate with customers directly or other platforms like email, chat and others. Email set-up is connected with the platform.


The comes with a high-quality message tab that is used to send SMS or MMS messages to the customers anytime from the application. Message conversation will be displayed in this collaborative platform.



The connected platform comes with an option of Notes, which is used to record salesperson notes. Each note will be displayed in the opportunity activity section. It’s for a reference of the sales team.


In these digital ages, automotive dealership enterprises need a tool like solution. All the terminologies of the sales toolbox are assessed deeply so the sales process will be easier and conveniently.

TO CLOSE MORE DEALS FASTER allows dealerships to enjoy a fully supported connected Sales & Marketing platform that integrates with all the popular Dealer Management systems. Contact us today and arrange for a demo.

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