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Salesforce Staff Augmentation

The advent of customizable SaaS Platforms has reshaped the requirement of Staff Augmentation. Typical staffing requirements have become business critical and rapid development and time to realise functionalities have raised the demands to even higher levels.
Expand your team’s capacity with dedicated qualified technical resources on-demand. Salesforce staff augmentation is a provided as a response to growing need for specific, niche skills in a landscape like salesforce. Businesses need these addons to be rolled out frequently, to ensure the platform is serving its purpose.



Did you know that 60% of resources used by tier 1 companies are augmented staff. Ask us how you can hire staff that can work on demand and help you achieve quality deliveries on time. Ensure time to market is well within the business expectations.. Contact us with your requirements today.


Local and offshore contractors with Salesforce skills are available through staffing firms. As the share of resources with specific skill set increases, the competition sets in and rates decline. This benefits business at large

The benefits of Salesforce staff augmentation

Salesforce staff augmentation provides businesses the opportunity to customize their engagements to fit client and stakeholder needs.

  • time

    Pay for the time

    Hire contractors and pay for the time they work for you, no more staff overheads or attrition to worry about. Many positives when doing it with us, Experienced, Certified, Tested and Contractors having access to assistance where required. Moderated resources help you increase headcount without long term commitment.

  • focus

    Focus on Business

    You can focus on your business, your admins and project managers can focus on the project deadlines and collaboration with internal and external vendors or teams. There is no hassle of coordinating administrative duties and employment agreements, while you add or remove members from the team to meet the project requirements.

  • need

    Address your needs

    Get the candidate that best meet your requirement, timeframe and budget. Contractors are a extended part of your team and are no different from your full-time employees. Switch resources when you need a specific skill replaced.

Staff augmentation is a solution that works best for short term and urgent engagements, Use this to ramp up capacity on an on-demand basis, to deliver projects faster, on time and successfully.

But what about the long-term?

Staff augmentation is no more driven only by a budget constraint or a short term requirement. Cloud technology, Work from anywhere and the wide spread acceptance for people to work from their location has increased the flexibility to extend contracted workers to continue for a longer duration at a reduced rate. As the business systems landscape is developed, enhanced and maintained, over a period of time knowledge about the systems and the business processes are managed by augmented staff. Getting a full time employee and transitioning this knowledge is an additional investment for the business. The Business is also stacked with managing the attrition of such niche staff members. The above challenges normally leads the busines to support long term contractors at a very high cost. So the challenge is how does a company manage these business systems built over a period of time, at the same time able to extend its capability and build new pieces of technology around it – within a acceptable budget?

Your Vision is our Goal, QR solutions will get you there…

Salesforce managed services is our answer to staff augmentation and more.

  • Access expert Salesforce staff.
  • Flexible contracting solutions.
  • Delivering skills that you require.
  • When you need them

We work across multiple industries, technologies and geography. We help you make the informed decisions around scaling your Salesforce solutions, ensuring a rapid growth. Delivering maximized value for time and money spend.

Dependable strengths

  • Administrators

  • Solution Architects

  • Designers

  • Sales Cloud Developers

  • Report Developers

  • UX Designers

  • Integrators

  • Data Architects

  • Marketing Automation

  • Pardot Specialists

  • Lightning Developers

  • Community Developers

  • Analytics Experts

  • Service Cloud Developers

  • BI Developers

  • Application Developers

  • Project Coordinators

  • Salesforce Support Staff

Salesforce Managed Services


The biggest challenge in running a professional services agency or a IT Project within an organisation is staffing. Contact us today for long term or short term staffing solutions.



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