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Salesforce Managed Services: The Better Way for an Effective Salesforce Deployment

As a powerful CRM as it is, Salesforce can, however, be profitable only with meticulous maintenance and consistent renovation.

And managing Salesforce resources does tend to weigh on your bills and your efforts.

 In-House Salesforce, costly yet volatile?

 Let’s take a glance at the numbers to reaffirm the statement,

  • An early career Salesforce Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation in the range of 65K to 105K
  • A mid-career Salesforce Developer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation in the range of 120K to 160K.
  • The national average salary for a Salesforce Administrator is 80K to 100K and for a Salesforce Business Analyst is anywhere in the mark of 95K to 150K depending on relevance of experience and niche in Australia.
  • A mid-career Salesforce Consultant with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of 180K. An experienced Salesforce Consultant with 10-19 years of experience earns approximately in excess of 200K on average. 


Do you want to maximize ROI Using salesforce. Do you want to moderate your spend on maintaining Salesforce ? Contact us today and we will show you how we have saved over 50% in maintenance and management cost of Salesforce.


To top it all, the typical tenure for most of these Salesforce resources is less than a year; all the more reason to think of workable option.

There has been NO significant change in the above both before and during the current pandemic situation;

However Industry reports indicate there has been a significant fall in the hiring pattern. The above situations clubbed with the heightened requirement to

(a) manage the current implementation
(b) continue to maintain the momentum with staff WFH.
(c) Keep the cost low – in response to the current economic scene

Has created a critical environment ready for transformation
In response to the above, Several SMEs entirely outsource Salesforce Services, either as a primary service providers or as a complementary measure to the internal team.
In both cases, this paradigm does prove to be inept when it comes to preventing problems and offering instant solutions, thereby leaving a lot of room for turbulence.

On the contrary, Managed Application Services offer a more proactive approach towards handling Salesforce Administration.

Salesforce Managed Services offers a comprehensive assortment of Salesforce Services, right from implementation to support. It provides the users with the facility to employ the expertise of a fully-fledged Salesforce team at a relatively reduced cost.

Using Shared Resources across the spectrum of technology that could be involved in a salesforce implementation, allows for optimally leveraging multiple faculties without the need for additional investment.

The Managed Services model operates on a proactive basis with a focus on creating and maintaining a seamless Salesforce environment. It functions intending to detect and prevent issues that could potentially disrupt the operational activities of the task force. The success of Managed Services altogether depends on the proficiency and competence of the Provider

QR Solutions Managed Application Services: Your Ace Salesforce Team

QRS helps you utilize all the privileges of skilled, fully-staffed technical resources without the costs of hiring an internal cohort.

We offer an extensive pool of talent and resources needed for open-ended application development and sustenance, delivered at a monthly subscription fee.

Most importantly, you will have to interact with just a single point of contact to communicate your concerns and requirements.

managed-application services

Benefits of QRS Managed Application Services:

  • Definitive Salesforce Lightning solution at your convenience, with consistent development as per your business needs.
  • Complete coverage of your Salesforce Services at a beneficial budget with minimal management involvement.
  • Salesforce upgrades and repairs with no impact on the underlying regular activities and pursuits.
  • Relieving critical resources to focus on strategic instances and business growth, rather on technical coherence.
  • A certified Salesforce partner by your side on all your IT endeavours.


Our customers have saved over 65% of resource costs by using our Managed Services.How much does your salesforce management cost ? Contact us and speak to us about our Managed Services Options. We will show you how much you can Save…


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