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Salesforce Integration Services

To utilize Salesforce solutions to its maximum capabilities we use customized integrations as per your specific business needs. Our Salesforce developers can do all the third party software integration in order to cater all your business process. Some of the common integrations include Email syncing, marketing campaigns, automation and common app integrations within the platform.

QR solutions, as a full scale Salesforce Development Company helps & offers salesforce consulting with these integrations so that you can run maximize your Salesforce ROI. Our Rapid Development helps businesses in quickly integrating with third party systems and apps.



Did you know that sales and marketing teams have reported an 80% increase in revenue by Integrating salesforce with complementing productivity tools and internal legacy systems ? Find out more on how you can maximize your ROI


We provide an end to end solution when it comes to Salesforce integration. We can handle cloud based and on premise integrations. Our expert Salesforce customization services have experience in developing custom solutions that integrates with your CRM.

Scalability is important for growing businesses and new integrations are required with the growth. Our integration process ensures that the information flow remains intact and your precious data is synchronized in the real time.

Our expertise in Ecommerce, Social media integrations, ERP Integrations, Legacy Software Integrations and Hybrid Integrations helps businesses to thrive in a connected enterprise.

During the process we make sure that you get a full view of all your customers and business processes. Salesforce integration helps you in maximizing your cloud presence and managing all your processes and data in one place.

Our Integration approach


Understand your business need for integration, preparing a complete framework and feasibility study to evaluate the required integration, making sure that the integration is technically achievable and economically justified.


Cost of integration is a major factor influencing how enterprise systems are designed. We help you in deciding between a custom solution or off the shelf solution for any integration. Our consultant can advise you the economic benefits related to a new integration that you want to incorporate with your current CRM.


We design and provide a comprehensive wireframe for the Integration requirements. With our Framework design we help you understand even the most complex integrations with multiple elements, application, process or entity. The need to design a pragmatic solution with supported technology becomes imperative to ensure continued success.


 Integration require continuous support and maintenance. Our continuous technical support helps you in maintaining and managing the integrations. With our support you can avoid a failure in the integration due to any change in related systems, processes.


QR solutions integration teams are well grounded in the basics of integration technology. We determine & classify the type of integration required for each scenario to ensure a reliable, robust and scalable implementation. Integrations often fail because the need is not assessed properly. Data, process or virtual integration are some of the integrations that require unique methodology to implement

QR solutions provide you following services in Salesforce integrations

  • Complete analysis of business needs and a proposed solution.
  • Integration blueprint & roadmap
  • Integration with COTS or Customized Solution
  • Enhanced quality assurance
  • After service support & managed services


Our Customers are maximizing salesforce use by integrating the platform with their business processes. Achieve better results today by using Salesforce as a platform driving your processes. Contact us today to learn more about how QR Solutions is helping customers achieve their goals.



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