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At QR Solutions we understand that Data helps businesses understand their customers, improves advertising campaigns ROI, Helps personalize content and contribute to increase in revenue.

We can add many more advantages that meaningful data can deliver to businesses. However, these benefits cannot be realised without a powerful data analytics tool and well defined processes.

Collecting, collating and organising Raw data is a time consuming process, and Raw data is powerful. An equally powerful data analytics tool is required to unlock the power to grow your business.

Data Analytics and CRM

Campaign Analytics
Lead Conversion
crm 2
Customer Engagement
Customer Retention

Convert Data into actionable Insights

There is a lot of difference between Reporting and Analytics.. !! Fancy looking reports with lots of data does not help businesses…!

At QR Solutions we apply clear strategies to extract hidden nuggets of actionable insights from your data. Employing demonstrated and time tested strategies to achieve your goals. Analytics is a science and this is mastered only through practical experience.

Our Data Analysts help you convert your data into actionable insights by

  • discover

    Asking the right Questions to the right People

  • optimization

    Measuring Optimizable Data

  • ambiguity

    Segmentation – the key to focusing on trends.

  • analytics

    Building Meaningful Visualizations

  • mind map

    Emphasising the Context of Data

  • availbility

    Future Proof Performance

  • database

    Integrate data from multiple sources

  • valadity

    Qualifying the Trends

  • reveal

    Engrain Transparency in Analytics

  • veracity


At QR Solutions we specialise in two of the most powerful data analytics platforms.

Data Analytics

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