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CRM for Real Estate

A unified Real Estate CRM tool helps you manage the relationship between agents, buyers, sellers, brokers and builders. With a real estate CRM tool, you can run project management campaigns, increase agent productivity, and build customer journeys and more.

Necessary Aspects of Real Estate CRM


No Lead Leakage

The real estate CRM tool tool captures real estate inquires from all marketing campaigns such as social media platforms, digital ads, traditional ads, websites, and some real estate marketplaces. There is no chance of leakages of leads.

lead leakage
lead quality

Lead Quality Criteria

The real estate CRM tool helps your entire sales team to find or identify reputed sales opportunities. This feature helps agents to know which leads to call first exactly. It automates sales prioritization too.

lead quality

Automatic Lead Distribution

Help you reduce response time by distributing real estate inquires automatically to property agents and call centers based on the criteria you set up. Lead distribution setup based on property type, sub-type, location, agent availability, other preferences, and more.


Agent Notification Automation

Automatic text or email notifications will be sent to your agents when a valuable lead is assigned to them. Allow you to set tasks automatically for any agent at any time. In which, agents will not miss any appointments or a follow-up call.


Manage Real Estate Inventory

The real estate CRM tool allows you to handle real estate inventory. Help agents view real-time inventory data based on the buyer's preference. Automation is a key in the CRM for real estate tools

manage real estate

Capture All Interactions

The real estate CRM tool helps you track every interaction or activity that a prospect has with your site. Website visits, phone calls, text messages, email interactions, social communications through any channel – everything is recorded and tracked so that you can view the status of the lead always.


Create Elegant Landing Pages

CRM for real estate tool comes with a drag and drop landing page builder that helps to build hundreds of responsive pages quickly.

landing page


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