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QR Solutions, Registered Salesforce Partner Providing Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services

Salesforce Partner Community Services Australia

We provide Partner community development, implementation services around the world. Offering a range of services which includes

  • Discovery sessions
  • Solutioning, Design and architecture
  • Integration with external vendor apps
  • Migration strategies

Consulting includes strategic advice from experienced Business Architects and Solutions Architects. Identifying your goals and assisting you in plotting the milestones to achieve these business goals. Typically Initial consulting services would deliver the clarity required by a business to step into the implementation of salesforce partner community. Consulting will cover

  • Business Goals and Expectations (Typically called Discovery Sessions)
  • Technical Design Documentation
  • Application augmentation Strategies
  • Data Integration Strategies
  • User adoption and Change management strategies.
  • Digital asset creation
  • App Launch advise and training.

Partner Community Implementation Services

Implementation of Partner Community can take as little as 4 weeks for a simple implementation to as long as 2 months for larger implementations. In the case of partner community lauch, in almost all of the cases businesses go with a phased launch approach, feedback from a limited audience helps in satisfying partner expectations and limiting business disruption. Our Implementation services include Discovery sessions – This runs on the back of initial consulting exercise that would have mapped every aspect of implementation.For established road map and approach our services cover the following

  • Lightning enabled Portal development
  • Branding and seamless integration with corporate websites
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Migration from existing partner management suites
  • Opportunity Management – Drive demand through channel
  • Order and Account Management – Guide partners to close deals
  • Implementing Partner Self Service modules – like Knowledge and Chatter Answers.
  • Additional functionalities where required – Real time support and visibility
  • Integration services with partner applications – Seamless experience
  • Configure B2B Marketing Analytics
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Partner Portal Managed Services

Our Teams help you solve the challenges of maintaining existing implementations within manageable budgets, continuously assisting in BAU Activities and enhancements, while you focus on your business. Our Salesforce specialists maintain your Portal implementation by providing much needed assistance to your Account management teams in Administering, , creating and maintaining functionalities. Working closely with your Account management teams in ensuring the partner portal is constantly refreshed. Managed Services include

  • Administration
  • Release maintenance.
  • Knowledge
  • Maintenance
  • Development Assistance

Platform Highlight

  • Sharing

    Extend CRM and share CRM Data with partners securely. Provide partners with access to customer profile and customer performance. Assist partners with collaterals to help them with better access to customer insights and performance

  • onboarding

    Onboarding partners is an important part of building successful partnerships, Recruiting, Training, Educating and certifying partners helps build mutual appreciation of business. Progressive training and continuous improvements are hallmarks of a growing business.

  • Channel Sales

    Partners grow with better sales performance. Creating multiple tiers amongst partner community and creating agile business plans to improve channel sales helps partner ecosystem to grow across different verticals and varied segments. Partner score cards are an important part of servicing your customers with qualified partners.

  • lead Mgmt

    Partner community is a versatile platform that allows for secure lead distribution, opportunity registration, transparent quoting and promoting channel sales. Real time partner performance monitoring and collaborative opportunity nurturing helps a successful partnership flourish.

  • Marketing Funds

    Channel sales is supported with creating robust marketing strategies with partner community, creating market development funds helps partner community in consolidated campaigns, co-branded communications and streamlined GTM planning.

  • productivity

    Channel sales is supported with creating robust marketing strategies with partner community, creating market development funds helps partner community in consolidated campaigns, co-branded communications and streamlined GTM planning.

What is Salesforce Partner Community?

Partner community is a portal built by Salesforce specifically for its partners to connect and collaborate in real-time. It is for the perfect PRM (Partner Resource Management) that is customizable as per the partners’ requirements.
The Partner Community portal is fully customizable with multiple UX options, These fully integrated features, powered with the reputation of the world’s # 1 CRM Salesforce.
It allows various sales teams and resellers to access information anytime from anywhere enabling seamless no hassle business.
Leave the technology to us and focus on your business, customer success is our goal..

partner community

Why Salesforce built Partner Community?

Communication is key for business success. Building relationships and networking are key to building good businesses. Utility based communication platforms serves and supports Inter-business relations and communications.
New age Businesses run on digital platforms, with exceptional growth rate and faster time to market requirements. Businesses that use utility based applications fall short of expectations and are set to fail in the future.
Be it B2B or B2C business, Salesforce Partner Community enables you to move ahead quickly to face current day challenges, offers seamless business environment between various business entities to unprecedented levels.
Partner Community; Enable your business to work seamlessly..

When did Salesforce start Partner Community?

Its been 7 years since partner community has been around –
Like other tech giants for a long time, Salesforce has platforms like Partner and Customer portals to bridge business partners’ communication gap. Only in 2013, it started the partner community to enhance the communication to develop businesses.
It combined the features of Consumer and Partner portals to build a next-generation Partner Community portal with many additional features for better communication. Collaboration is at its best when business communities use social working environment.

salesforce partner

How is the Partner community better than Partner Portal?

From the time Salesforce introduced Partner communities, many reputed companies and universities migrated to it, as it is customer-centric. GE Capital migrated to communities to aid its customer and partners work together.
It helped them to build a deeper relationship with clients with the power of the social network. Cornell University uses it to improve the student community with feeds like Twitter, Facebook, and others.
The success of many such migrations is because of its benefits that include

  • Improved customer experience; as users get feed based experience because of social interaction
  • Improves branding and style configuration; gives the user a seamless experience when browsing the website or the community.
  • The visualization framework gives the entire control over the look and feel of the community, unlike only the customization available in the Partner portal
  • Streamlines organizational experience as partners and consumers combine to connect and associate on shared goals by forming groups of common concerns.
  • Enables going mobile with a responsive Lightning solution designed with channel sites and marketing workflows
  • Saves time and investment as customers can access the overall knowledge base for making it easy to combine resources with crowdsourcing tips to enable quick customer services for avoiding calls and spending for live agents
  • Offers SSO or Single-Sign-On location Salesforce@login to access multiple communities and login support for multiple authentication providers
  • Provides a single location also to design and manage the community
  • Integrates business process by sharing files and ideas along with members to associate on customer support cases, campaigns, etc. within the community
  • Leverages social intelligence as strong user connection enables them to know more about the potential customers both of their past and future needs to provide them with specific information for suitable solutions to close the deal
  • Helps to build personalized, rich experiences with the company’s branding by collaborating with partners’ users in groups and feeds
  • Enables access to reports and dashboards, to create custom reports, direct message, content moderation, and a lot more

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