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QR Solutions, Registered Salesforce Partner Providing Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services

Salesforce Pardot Consulting Services Australia

We provide Pardot consulting Services around the world. Offering a range of services which includes

  • Discovery sessions
  • Solutioning
  • Design and Architecture
  • Migration strategies

Consulting includes strategic advice from experienced Business Architects and Solutions Architects. Identifying your goals and assisting you in plotting the milestones to achieve these business goals. Typically Initial consulting services would deliver the clarity required by a business to step into the implementation of salesforce pardot. Consulting will cover

  • Business Goals and Expectations (Typically called Discovery Sessions)
  • Technical Design Documentation
  • Application augmentation Strategies
  • Data Integration Strategies
  • User adoption and Change management strategies.
  • Digital asset creation
  • Campaign management framework

Pardot Implementation Services

Implementation of Pardot can take as little as 2 weeks for a simple implementation to as long as 2 months for larger implementations. In almost all of the cases the quick wins are felt by the business within the first phases of the implementation; which would be typically the first 4 weeks in a large implementation outlay. Our Implementation services include Discovery sessions – This runs on the back of initial consulting exercise that would have mapped every aspect of implementation. For established road map and approach our services cover the following

  • Configuration – Tracking Codes and Tracker Domain setup
  • Implement Data Synchronization
  • Implement Salesforce Engage
  • Create Marketing Assets
  • Configure B2B Marketing Analytics
  • Prospect Management

Pardot Managed Services

Our Teams help you solve the challenges of maintaining existing implementations within manageable budgets, continuously assisting in BAU Activities and enhancements, while you focus on your business. Our Pardot specialists maintain your pardot implementation by providing much needed assistance to your marketing teams in configuring and running campaigns, creating and maintaining digital assets. Working closely with your marketing teams in ensuring maximum ROI on a Pardot implementation. Read here about benefits of managed services
Managed Services include

  • Administration
  • Release maintenance
  • Data Management
  • Campaign Management / Engagement Studio builds
  • Development Assistance – Marketing Assets and Rule management

Platform Highlight

  • visitor tracking

    One of the most powerful capabilities of pardot is its ability to track prospect and visitor activity on your websites. Using anonymous visitor tracking, you can perform various lookups using a prospects digital information that helps you create a workable funnel.

  • tracking-codes

    Rate your marketing collateral and digital assets performance using tracking codes. Marketing automation automatically generates tracking URLs so that you can monitor your content in depth. Tracking prospects activity levels assists in grading the leads.

  • Sales-Alerts

    Gauging prospects sales-readiness can be a challenge. Luckily, pardot has the ability to provide real-time sales alerts to sales reps based on parameters that they set. Data based real time alerts assists your reps initiate the first moves, its just a click away to follow up.

  • Lead Scoring

    Lead Scoring and Grading helps aligning marketing and sales teams, by improving lead quality. Ensures the prospects match your ideal prospect profile before they are sent to sales for follow up. Pardot helps track prospect’s activity levels, and helps identify how good of a fit they are for your product or service.

  • assignment

    Pardot can automatically assign your leads to sales reps based on a score and grade criteria that you setup. Automated lead assignment helps in progressing leads through the funnel based on real data. Digitize your sales process using round-robin, lead Queue or active assignment rules within salesforce.

  • nurturing

    Drip Marketing and personalized messaging to leads over time nurtures your sales funnel effectively. Automating these with pardot free’s up valuable marketing and sales resources to focus on prospects that needs your attention. Speak to your prospects when they are ready, nurture them till the time is ripe. Pardot enables this using #1 methodologies.

  • landing-page

    Landing pages and forms are an important part of lead generation. With marketing automation, you can build custom landing pages that match the look and feel of your brand with no coding skill. Use intelligent landing pages to grade your leads.

  • Progressive Profiling

    Break down long data collection forms into shorter forms, score and grade leads as they progress through multiple forms. Shorter forms encourages leads to fill details, progression supports nurturing, scoring helps profile leads interest in your products and services. Pardot helps you put together active plan.

  • dynamic

    In a world driven by digital transformation, leads expect a personalized experience. Dynamic content gives you the ability to create these customized buying experiences by displaying content dynamically based on who is viewing your site. Tailor your messaging to specific prospects, boost click through rate and improve engagement.

B2B Marketing Automation Platform

Pardot is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation platform by SalesForce offering email automation, targeted email campaigns and lead management for B2B sales and marketing organizations.

  • Prospecting
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Form Management
  • Tracking Site Pages
  • SEO Performance
  • Social Engagement
  • Landing Pages
  • Reporting Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • Personalized Landing

Pardot offers email drip campaigns, lead management with nurturing and scoring and campaign segmentation. The platform also features analytics with marketing ROI tracking.

Pardot and CRM

Pardot is integrated very well with Salesforce a #1 Customer relationship platform. This is a serious advantage, not to be missed by businesses already using Salesforce. CRM. Integrating other competitive products with salesforce can be time consuming and very inefficient when compared to implementing Pardot with Salesforce CRM. Industry average says it reduces implementation time and cost by 50% when implementing Pardot on Salesforce with compared with other platforms or products.

Engagement studio

Pardot has a intuitive user interface, which is much more advanced and self-guided than most of the competitive products or platforms. Pardot compliments salesforce functionality and extend it into the marketing automation space, when combined these two platforms provide companies with explosive capabilities, taking them to the market in a matter of days and at unimaginably low TCO.

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