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Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Consulting Services

As Salesforce expert & certified partners we enable you to reap the maximum ROI on your CRM investment. We offer strategic consultancy to identify your goals and define the innovation you need to optimize the perfect Salesforce solution for your business. We also help you identifying the right opportunities in the Salesforce app development and its customization tailored to your specific business needs. We have expertise in planning, development, integration and implementation of Salesforce CRM solutions.
At QR solutions we are an Agile team that use SCRUM approach which enables us to listen to your feedback, quick development and implementation with full support. As partners we help you to achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively.


We also consult you in choosing the most suitable Salesforce pricing and License option according to your exact business needs. We help implementing a solution that is cost effective and scalable at the same time. Our experience in providing customized solutions across a variety of multiple industry verticals is what makes us a perfect certified Salesforce partner.


Our Customers are maximizing salesforce use by integrating the platform with legacy business applications. Achieve better results today by using Salesforce as a platform driving your business processes. Consult with us today to learn more about how QR Solutions is helping customers achieve thier goals..



Industry Experience

we have worked with businesses of all types and industries, we can incorporate industry best practices in your Salesforce solution

Complementing offerings

we provide a 360 degree solutions and services to make your Salesforce experience smooth and hassle free

Project Management experience

our years of experience in CRM project management helps us to achieve the desired outcome within a short timeframe

Flexible Methodology

Suiting both large and small enterprises

No matter if you are a small but growing business or a big corporation, we provide tailor made solutions for businesses of all kind and size

Being flexible and comfortable to work with is key to success

We understand your needs as a customer, both our process and solutions are flexible and easy to work with


Our Commitment to ongoing support and post implementation support is key to project success.

Budget & Pricing

We believe that a CRM should be cost effective & budget friendly, we work on a budget, it does not matter what your size is.
Our budget conscious approach is reliable, trustworthy and feasible.
Transparency is the core principal that QR Solutions follow, our Pricing has no hidden fees and clearly states rates with no options or addons.


We love what we do, and Business transformation is our passion, we enjoy a shared success with our customers. Our driving forces are


we use the latest and best technology used in CRM space, we keep ourselves updated & continuously evolve with the latest CRM technologies

Customer success

At QR Solutions...Our Customers Success is our Success.. and Customer Success is more than just support services


Salesforce provides immense opportunities for innovation and we know how we can make the most out of it


Tenacity is defined as "persistent determination". It is considered a good character trait since a tenacious character will achieve a goal they set despite any difficulties encountered while achieving that goal..


Tactical, Robust, Scalable and Practical solutions have helped our customers achieve success. Speak to a consultant today and discuss your challenges.



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