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Salesforce for Financial Services


Salesforce for Finance

At QRS, we help financial institutions and banks integrate sales, marketing, and service to connect with customers in a brand new way. By leveraging the super-power of Salesforce, we help finance sectors deliver more services and sell more products neatly tailored to the customer’s financial goals and needs.


What is Salesforce Financial Integration?

Salesforce financial integration comes up with functionality and the ease of use dashboard to user’s banking systems. The integration allows finance institutes to access everything from one centralized interface. By Integrating finance institutions with Salesforce CRM, we can help them manage all data in one location. This one empowers finance sectors to deliver seamless customer service.

Common Finance Sectors Benefited through Salesforce

Wealth Management Banking




Benefits of Salesforce Financial Services


Leverage Rich Data to Earn Loyalty

Salesforce CRM offers a 360-degree view of account holders, allowing finance institutes to understand their financial needs and find how to serve customers. With customized view support, finance institutes can organize how data is displayed to ensure staff members collaborate seamlessly around the account-holders and take instant actions on real-time insights. By delivering this service consistently, finance institutions can win more customers as well as retain customers.

Selling Smarter

Take the guessing away from everything by moving the sales process to Salesforce CRM. With authorization to real-time insights and reporting powered by AI, sales teams of the finance sector can identify, implement and close more opportunities. The banks or any other financial institutes can align sales processes across their entire organization.



Want to explore the advantages of Salesforce for financial services? At QRS, we have multiple Salesforce experts to help you reap all the benefits of Salesforce for finance. Contact us to know more.


Digitalize Document Process

Salesforce helps in business digitalization processes. Manual paperwork may cause inefficiencies in requirements. Salesforce CRM help institutes integrate document generation tools that automate document-driven procedures, such as origination and onboarding, to drive seamless services to the customers.

Increase Productivity with Resourceful Insights

With actionable insights and accurate data available at the fingertips of the financial sector, everyone from bank staff to wealth management executives is empowering to focus on what’s necessary with Salesforce. The powerful analytics can able to reveal priority tasks and actions, authorizing teams to drive results instantly.


Elevate the Digital Financing Experience

Salesforce CRM connects every touchpoint of financial institutions, capturing the visibility of customers. With Salesforce, financial institutes will meet future’s growing demands by executing agile, AI-powered, and automated solutions.


With our Salesforce for finance solution, you can manage all your financial aspects faster, smarter, and deeper. Click here to know more.


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