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Process Driven CRM solution using Salesforce

Salesforce transforms organizations to process driven by providing precise and finite data inputs to achieve strategic business objectives. It is the reason that it remains the # 1 CRM as it fulfills all its promises for past more than 20 years. In organizations using Salesforce, the employees become process-driven to do their job explicitly step by step, even without the supervisor’s involvement. It helps the employees to be self-sufficient for focusing more on the process than the results without interruptions.


The process-driven CRM solutions using Salesforce empowers organizations to perform their work independently by strictly following an associated process. It can estimate resources, identify required inputs, and determine process flows to efficiently transform inputs to outputs. The process-driven CRM solutions using Salesforce empowers organizations to perform their work independently by strictly following an associated process. It can estimate resources, identify required inputs, and determine process flows to efficiently transform inputs to outputs.

Reasons for Salesforce to be the #1CRM

Every dollar spent on CRM systems garners 8.71 dollars, which is over 800% ROI. Though many reputed companies provide CRM solutions, it is not without reason that Salesforce remains the #1 CRM for the past many years.

Salesforce was the first to take the CRM to the cloud to offer cost-effective process-driven cloud-based CRM software programs to record, manage and analyze customer interactions through the sales pipeline from anywhere, anytime, and with any device.

Salesforce CRM, without a doubt, is the undisputed market leader in the CRM software market because it provides out-of-the-box solutions for implementing cutting–edge technology and connecting the vital solutions essential to the exponential growth of businesses.

As of 2018 statistics, over 150,000 companies worldwide are using Salesforce CRM solutions. It includes Fortune 500 companies and also nonprofit organizations for taking the CRM system benefits to the communities.

Benefits of process-driven CRM solution using Salesforce

There are many benefits of process-driven CRM solutions using Salesforce , like its commitment to innovation, providing a thriving ecosystem for apps and partners. Some benefits that make organizations reach new levels include.

  • Being the pioneer to take CRM solutions to the cloud, Salesforce offers the flexibility to use it to the next level to use it anywhere, anytime from any device.
  • Using it is easy as that of using websites to connect, collaborate, view, and update customer information throughout the sales funnel
  • Just one click is enough for easy installation of Salesforce CRM and to add units, fields, improve sales, and edit workflows, among others.
  • Saves money and time by providing powerful, customizable reporting tools to manage contracts and real-time reports and analytics.
  • Enables automatic and simultaneous updates of all users of the multi-tenant Salesforce platform to protect their data and to get the latest features three times annually
  • Being a stable, well documented open API enables most of the integrations in Salesforce to view the business processes to improve productivity.
  • Helps develop and sell apps or access to thousands of useful, secure, and installed apps created by others in the AppExchange ecosystem and use th Salesforce glossary to get more information.
  • Salesforce is also the pioneer to introduce Mobile CRM to leverage all its potential through the smartphone.
  • The Salesforce community offers customization services to help organizations to access the pool of vast and rich developer talent.
  • Business managers can overview all team activities in real-time to develop a successful sales strategy with easier forecasting.
  • Sales representatives can manage customer information to enable them to spend more time selling rather than data processing.
  • Marketers can harness the power of all social networks to connect with customers the way they want to choose
  • Customers can get answers for their queries by connecting them with the internal system that links all their conversations on social networks to save money and time.

It is time to call our executive to use all the above benefits of process-driven CRM solutions using Salesforce as we are the trusted Salesforce partner for many years.

Our Customers are maximizing salesforce use by integrating the platform with thier business processes. Achieve better results today by using Salesforce as a platform driving your processes. Contact us today to learn more about how QR Solutions is helping customers achieve thier goals..

Enhance and Expand Your Business with CRM System


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Enhance and Expand Your Business with CRM System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” denotes a combination of business strategies and modern technologies that companies employ to manage and enhance relationships with prospects and customers. The CRM approach mainly involves the analysis of each customer interaction with the organization and its corresponding data throughout customer life cycle, with a goal of improving customer retention rate and fueling sales growth.

A CRM system is a tool that handles CRM tasks and processes such as contact management, sales management, generation of data-driven actionable insights, social media integration and team communication.

If the CRM system is cloud-based, the CRM tasks can be run from anywhere at any time, on any connected device. Cloud-based CRM platforms like Salesforce CRM software offer advanced functionalities such as integration with marketing automation and customer service systems to furnish a cloud-based ecosystem for customer data.


“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” – Peter Drucker

Coming into prominence as one of the prime Salesforce Consultants in India, we share with CRM enthusiasts the high-grade advantages of a CRM system, to create and keep your prized customers.

Here are some important CRM properties which help in growing your business:

Right Customers- Convert Marketing Leads into Sales

Salesforce allows you to track all the necessary information about your CRM leads, the right set of timely information required to convert your marketing leads into sales.

An activity timeline lets you view the updated contact information of your leads and also provides you with the necessary best practices and associated documents by using Sales Path. You can also set up automatic lead scoring and routing to assign the right sales representatives to “hot leads”, so that no probable prospect slips by unattended.

Right from the source of the lead, the relevant actionable insights till the feasibility to compose and follow emails from the CRM solution, Salesforce equips you with the essentials to accelerate conversion of leads into potent opportunities.

CRM Software Helps in Eliminating the Costs

With self-service portals, electronic templates, easy sharing of information among marketing teams with authenticated access, Salesforce CRM software largely reduces the costs incurred for acquiring new customers and targeted marketing campaigns.

Salesforce CRM software offers SMEs with the mettle and strength of a large enterprise level CRM solution, in a package that can be ascended and upgraded in the course of time. Salesforce’s ecosystem that stretches out into areas such as community engagement, e-commerce and social collaboration, assists SMEs to efficiently structure overarching systems to service numerous departments.

Mobile CRM

Salesforce Mobile CRM Software allows you to access and update your CRM data anytime, anywhere, even while you are offline. You can view meetings, events, receive account updates and even join conference calls with just one application. With instant connection to your team members and colleagues, files and data can be shared at your convenience without any disruptions and delays.

With a CRM system offering instantaneous accessibility to customer related data at an opportune reach, deals can be closed faster with both efficacy and efficiency.

Convert the Customers into Long Term

With Sales Contact Management Software, you can get a comprehensive view of your customers along with activity history (purchase and communication), high-prioritized contacts, customer interactions and internal account statuses.

Salesforce helps you make use of your customers’ social presence to better understand their opinions and feedback on your products or services. With deep perception about the customers’ attitude, you can proactively answer to online queries and clarifications. The Salesforce mobile application extracts and displays social profile information from your accounts and contacts, providing you with the cognizance to institute a friendly interaction with your customer.

Sales Contact Management Software permits you to move your contact management online and to the cloud, thereby leaving you to collaborate with people across the organization.

Accurate and Timely Forecasting

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Forecasting applies self-learning algorithms to your company’s sales data and delivers accurate and timely sales forecast, an innovation that takes a quantum leap in driving business predictability.

Embracing the synergistic methodologies of data mining and machine learning, Einstein Forecasting analyzes and processes vital elements like seasonality and historical performance to generate precise and individualized sales forecasts.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring identifies and prioritizes the most beneficial deals based on the deal size and measure of executive engagement directly within the Sales Cloud. Additionally Einstein monitors deals in progress to detect potential ones those face hindrances, thereby allowing sales representative to solely focus on building pipeline and closing deals.

Boost Up Your Decision-Making Process

Salesforce CRM software catalysts your decision making process by presenting fast, easy and accurate insights, using Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Forecasting. In addition to sales forecasts, Einstein Forecasting offers a real-time outlook into your team’s forecasts as well, giving you an upper hand in governance and monitoring.

Salesforce CRM analytics software keeps you updated with customized sales forecasting reports that can be built at ease. Reports and dashboards favor you in tracking the overall performance of the team and enable you to make changes to components to draw out the exaction.

Customer analytics software within Salesforce mobile application delivers key business metric to your utility in making insightful business decisions.

CRM can Streamline Your Entire IT Asset

With Salesforce CRM, your company need not fret about the growing size of your IT infrastructure since Salesforce takes the burden of managing heaps of disparate systems and applications off the shoulders of your employees.

Salesforce CRM accurately quantifies and categorizes data and also makes that data available across departments with authorized levels of access, consequently streamlining your entire IT asset providing a centralized data source with an individual user interface, saving time and cost on additional IT infrastructure.

CRM Increases Data Security & Access

Managing and distributing customer related information across diverse systems and teams calls for a great deal of data security and authorized levels of data access.

Contradictory to the commonly assumed notion, on-site data isn’t nearly as safe as cloud security. Data is safer in the cloud. Cloud based CRM systems eliminates a number of security concerns such as disaster, system breakdowns, break-ins and theft, simply by its characteristic of being located on the cloud.

Salesforce integrates a range of security tools into every service it provides; service availability, compliance, privacy, and security are all bestowed with absolute transparency.


According to Salesforce, forty-six percent of sales leaders say deeper customer relationships are a key objective for sustaining success. As stated by Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5%–20% while the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%–70%. Just like aforementioned, an ingenious CRM system such as Salesforce offers the key to unlock countless opportunities and also to safe guard your most prized assets, your customers.

Planning on taking the reins of your CRM system? Talk to our CRM experts at 91 431-2312880 for a detailed counseling and orientation on our Salesforce implementation services. To learn more about our offerings, or to ask any questions, contact us today!

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Why Salesforce as a CRM solution?

One of the significant goals of any business is to acquire customers. In order to achieve numerous opportunities and convert them as sales-wins, every organization needs an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to take care of their sales process. Salesforce, a leading provider of a CRM solution, has enabled businesses to experience new heights in managing sales and closing successful deals. Salesforce has achieved to reinvent the delivery and usage of a CRM system, transforming this space. Businesses can experience assured growth and success by leveraging on a CRM system that offers much more than Sales and Marketing management.

  • Sales, Marketing and Services Management:
    Salesforce, as a CRM system lets you efficiently manage your sales, marketing and customer service activities to successfully thrive in any industry with more ‘closed-won’ opportunities.
  • Adaptability:
    Salesforce can be easily customized and automated to suit your operational requirements. You can modify fields, modules, workflows and create sales processes with just a few clicks, It’s that simple!
  • Scalability:
    Salesforce lets you upscale or upgrades your CRM application anytime to take care of an ever-growing business’s needs. It’s ‘anytime scalability’ sets you free from long term contracts.
  • Global Access:
    Salesforce leverages cloud delivery to enable businesses to access and run their operations from anywhere in the world. Salesforce as a solution ensures that there are no limitations to manage your sales operations.
  • Data Security:
    All your customer data is safe with encryption, application security, user authentication and much more. Salesforce has taken diligent steps to ensure an industry-leading security system that leaves you with peace of mind.
  • Easy App Integration:
    Unlike other CRM systems, Salesforce offers an extensive open-app ecosystem to meet your industry-specific needs. Select from a variety of reliable third-party apps to expand your CRM application with other department functionalities.

Want to learn more about our products or services? Just have a question? Either way just share a little information with us and just click here and we’ll be in touch soon.

5 Exclusive Advantages of Automotive CRM Systems


According to a study conducted by Cox Automotive through IHS Automotive, it was found that 46% of car buyers visit only one dealership and 52% test drive only one vehicle before making a purchase.

So to become that “one” dealership that is visited and profited, dealers should equip themselves with a robust Automotive CRM System.

Having been a certified vendor in India for numerous car dealerships, it is out of both long-standing experience and exposure that we present the major benefits of deploying a CRM system.

Increase Sales & Minimize Lost Deals

In the case of automobile dealerships, it is incredibly important for dealers to reach out to potential buyers before they fix upon a neighboring competitor. With an Automotive CRM system, dealers can connect with clients at various touchpoints across multiple media, such as online interfaces, via social media platforms, through mobile applications, and even by connected automobiles.

Dealerships can provide prospects with suitable insights across all available channels, and can eventually steer them towards their showrooms to make that winning sale. Engaging customers right from the earliest point of the journey forms gratifying buyer-seller relationships, those which will prove to be highly rewarding in the long run.

Cardinal automotive CRMs such as Salesforce allow users to fabricate a plan of action that sets particular tasks based on each pipeline stage. With the sales team being notified by the current phase of the sales funnels of each client, dealers can largely minimize missed deals. Despite the occurrence of a lost deal, sales reps can track down on fall-outs and pursue respective clients to reclaim the deal.

Manage Customers’ Up Sheets

Taking care of customers’ up sheets requires an ample amount of time and manual labor, but by dint of automotive CRM software, dealers can now skip this tedious struggle and work entirely towards building valuable customer relationships.

Salesforce Automotive CRM offers immediate access to important contracts and entitlement data in one unified location. Intricate details such as vehicle records, service expenditures, model preferences, communication history and such-like can be examined instantaneously from one centralized locus. Dealers can schedule test drives, appointments, follow-up calls and e-mail correspondence, within the bounds of customers’ up-sheets and can also create and upgrade such customer sheets momentarily.

Advanced Desking

“When asked to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1-10, 81% of car buyers gave the test-driving process an 8-10 rating. However, satisfaction declined to 67% when interactions with the F&I department were factored in. Of the 3-hours average time spent at the dealer during the purchase process, more than half of that time is spent negotiating or doing paperwork, resulting in a 56% satisfaction rate for the process.” [Source: Auto Trader]

With the help of an automotive CRM system, dealers can cut down a great deal of time on the purchasing process. Automotive CRM tools provide advanced decking features, which help users to enter and modify customer information, purchase order specifics, to desk multiple deals and to bespeak vehicle identification number, all from a single interface. Therefore, it becomes only a matter of moments for dealers to obtain a print copy of the sales proposal, saving time and lot of “sighs” on both the ends.

An easy paper work and a happy customer, a total win-win!

Multi-Medium Capabilities

Long gone are those days, when prospects enter showrooms and get astonished by the distinctive features and “make” of each model in the showroom. The enthusiasm is still there, but the incognizance isn’t. Car shoppers are entering showroom with not just a lot of money but with a lot of research as well.

95% of vehicle buyers use online resources as a source of information, 2x as many automotive consumers start their research online versus at a dealer and 76% of new and used vehicle shoppers run a search before buying. [Source: Think With Google]

It is evident that prospects are flocking into dealership websites, make the first encounter with a virtual assistant and then step into showrooms — they exist more online than in real life, and that should be the first place to make acquaintance.

Salesforce Automotive CRM, for example, helps dealers to connect potential buyers and customers and interact with them at possible touch points such as home websites, social media platforms, mobile devices, connected automobiles and showroom floors. The Automotive CRM helps dealers to branch out to clients at a convenient reach, driving them to create personalized relationships that give roots to customer loyalty.


60% of consumers searching for vehicles on mobile would call the dealership from a call extension, 57% of consumers call about vehicles from a search ad call extension to schedule an appointment and 31.6% of total calls to dealerships resulted in an appointment.[Source: Think With Google, DialogTech]

Dealers should have an exhaustive sales team to follow-up multiple lead enquires time, without missing out on a potential deal. Does it sound straightforward and easy?

Well it can be, with the support and succor of dealership CRM software that extends an extensive set of tools for front-line sales teams. Dealer-specific CRM endows sales teams with lead and prospect management reinforcement to follow enquires and interests with utmost consideration.

For one negligent move and you could lose a solitaire to the nearest contender!

Thinking about employing the best automotive CRM software to suit your dealership requirements? Talk to our experts at +91 431-2312880 to know more about our offerings and services!

Are you an automotive dealership ? Want to know how we cut down the Lead Management, CRM and Marketing automation spend for our customers by over 125% ? Contact us today.

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