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Best Features of Social Customer Service – Salesforce Help

Social customer service is a unique feature of the Salesforce service cloud. This connected service module creates and handles cases on social media platforms. Allow agents to respond to queries and commentaries via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Salesforce service cloud provides support and functionality to customer service executives manage social presence. This module helps service agents to monitor all social media activities of a brand. Salesforce social customer service feature appears in the service console so that customer service executives have a 360-degree view of their customers and brands profiles.

Social Customer Service: Salesforce Service cloud

Quick and innovative response helps a business to retain customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. The social service module facilitates the above-mentioned features.

Connected Features of Social Customer Service

The Social customer service module helps to manage interactions and support case management.

The following are some of the smart features of the social customer service module.

    1. Support customers everywhere
    2. Offer smarter social service
    3. Respond in context by powering social service within CRM

Support customers everywhere

Listen and respond to customers across social media platforms. By collaborating service cloud with Salesforce social studio, customer service executive requests are escalated to the social service team directly.

Offer smarter social service

Route the cases to the selective agent at the right time. Using keywords and language detection ensure that customer service executives receive actionable content to work on queries or problems in the right way. And in this socially connected world, customer service agents switch the conversation to a convenient channel for the customer, whether it’s a phone, chat, email, community, or social network.

Respond in context by powering social service within CRM

Social customer service is a seamless, integrated part of the Salesforce customer success platform. A team of social customer service executives gains a comprehensive view of the customer before responding. It empowers customer service agents with social media platforms, in real-time, on the platforms where customers are talking. Powering social service within CRM will create more effectiveness between customers and brand.


Speak to us to learn how our customers are managing the social presence of their products and services. Ensure your brand is represented appropriately in social platforms by enabling connected social service within your CRM Platform.



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