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Different Stages of Digital Customer Journey and Benefits

What is digital customer journey?

The digital customer journey is referred as the process a buyer or customer goes through with the company or brand, from pre-purchase to post-purchase. The concept of the digital customer journey is unconnected from an experience of physical shopping. There are many touchpoints to connect with customers, such as social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more) and online platforms (websites, online forums, blogs and more). Digital purchase is comparatively better than physical purchase, where digital customer can save more time and money. 

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In the process of the digital customer journey, users can identify all the interactions of customers with their brand. It can simply combine all the digital touchpoints a consumer has with a company and collect some data such as transaction details, basic profile information, customer service interactions, and browser history details.

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Different Stages of Digital Customer Journey

The digital selling platforms are gaining attention from the public so businessmen have to give high-end support to each customer. The consumer purchase journey helps a businessman to know where the customers face trouble. Let’s see the different stages of the digital customer journey. 


Browsing or Awareness  

The particular consumers have just started their journey. During this first stage, consumers may not be sure what they’re exactly looking for at the digital platform. As a businessman, you should capitalize on the moment and show some optional things with ease of cost. The first impression should help customers to move ahead of their journey.   Consumer shopping journey starts at this moment.  

Building a cart 

After the consumers have found what they were looking for, your digital platform should provide different options and alternatives. It helps customers to conclude a product or anything to be bought. This stage is necessary where we must keep the customers hassle-free.


   The purchase is a key stage of the digital customer journey, where consumers have committed to purchase a product of anything. As a businessman, we should give multiple payment options to consumers for making hassle-free transactions. It’s not a final stage of digital journey so we should work on all stages frequently to bring customers to our business frequently.


   The majority of people are not coming back to online purchases once they have done and it’s hard to retain customers. The post-purchase stage plays an important role in bringing back customers. As a business owner, we have to give some exciting offers such as discounts, cash backs, and more. This stage should be inspired the customers to make digital purchases.

Benefits of Digital Customer Journey

The consumer digital journey is purely happening thorough online so customers no need to spend more time like physical purchases. Businessmen can understand what customer’s thought during this journey that helps them know where improvements are required. Money is an important factor that can be saved if people go with digital purchases. Both customers and businessmen can feel certain benefits with the digital consumer journey stages.


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