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Best Uses and Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey is the story that helps businesses understand customers, how they act while they visit your website, and how they react to your digital content.  A customer journey mapping has several stages such as customer journey Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Retention, and Advocacy. The journey map is known as a visual story of customer interactions with the brand. It guides you to understand what customers are thinking about your brand.

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How to Prepare a Customer Journey Map?

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There are six stages or steps included in customer journey mapping.

The business perspective is different when you compare it with the customer perspective. You have to learn and understand what is customer journey map? How does it work? And how many stages are included in the journey map?

1. Understand the target audience persona: A brand or company should define their seamless buyer’s persona before starting journey mapping.

2. Acknowledge the target customer’s intent: Every customer wants to meet their expectations. You should know what does a customer hope to gain by interacting with your brand? There are many ways to find the intent of ideal customers

  •  Conduct online surveys to all the audience
  • Arranging one on one or focus groups interviews


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The above two points will help you understand the intentions of ideal customers.

3. Save the touchpoints: You must map all the interactions every time a customer visits your website. You should observe a few things to get valuable customers for your business.

  • Where do audience or customers get details about your site?
  • Which particular page do most customers love?
  • What’s the average bounce rate on each?
  • Did all the customers enjoy shopping with your brand?
  • Did anybody face difficulties during the journey?
  • How effective was your customer service team?

As an employee, you must have an answer for all the queries above listed. You must research the above factors to identify the customer’s intent on buying anything through your brand.

4.  Ask crucial questions: In this phase, you should ask some important questions to understand what needs to be updated on your site. You may shoot up questions like this.

  • Is my company satisfying all the needs of my target customers?
  • In which sections do customers face problems?
  • Which page of the site has high bounce rates?

You can understand and make changes to your site after getting feedback from the target audience.

5. Make a list of important: You can set up a customer journey mapping by understanding and identifying the sections that need immediate actions. Once you get to know the difficulties, you can reduce the limitations customers faced during the journey.

6. Put all information to Note: most marketers use online journey mapping tools to take a digital copy. It helps when you have to make decisions regarding the customer journey. The customer journey will be smoother with the improved journey mapping.

Uses of Customer Journey Analysis

Understanding your brand from the audience point of view will bring new and innovative ideas and opinions. Customer journey analysis observes customer reactions and thinking so you can keep your customers loyal to your company. It involves three stages such as gathering valuable data, developing customer personas, and analyzing consumer interactions. Let’s know the benefits come through customer journey analysis.

  • Showcase all the customer interaction points
  • Analyze how the customer journey right from start to end
  • Analyzes the impact on brand value and customer loyalty according to customer
  • Identify where customer’s time is wasted and improve the efficiency

You can set up a business successfully if you follow up on customer journey mapping. You can bring back many customers after improving your brand value.


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