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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with Salesforce

Salesforce is a top rank CRM, and a service cloud (Help Desk). Open CTI is a term that refers to modern technology that enables CRM to interact with PABX (Telephone Systems or VOIP). A CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is mostly used in large enterprises, call centers or contact centers with the aim of improving productivity,.

The Salesforce CTI integration offers a powerful link between modern telephony systems and computer devices. The CTI tool enables sales, service and support teams to receive and make calls using a laptop, mobile, or desktop.

Salesforce Service Cloud: CTI Integration

In the past days, CRM users needed a CTI adapter to access telephony system functions and features.  A new CTI integration tool is a JavaScript API that allows users to integrate all other CTI systems.

Integration of Salesforce and CTI

Enterprises will gain some advantages when they integrate Salesforce and CTI.

  • Screen-Pop

The connection of CTI and Salesforce will pop up all the data about the customers on the agent’s screen right before the customer service agent has answered the call. This one could be a delightful feel for customers.

  • Click-To-Dial

CTI integration tool converts the mobile or phone number fields into a clickable source. It reduces manual works and the possibility of dialing wrong customers.

  • Intelligent Routing

CTI creates a customizable protocol that assigns who is responsible for incoming calls and outgoing calls.

  • Accurate Reporting

It generates up-to-date and accurate reports for outbound and inbound calls with all the entered data.

  • Multi-Tenant System

This cloud-based system ensures all the agents are using the same system and there is no inconsistency of data or usage.

Benefits of CTI and Salesforce Integration

The CTI integration helps enterprises in more ways, such as

  • Helps in improved customer satisfaction by customer support reps and sales team
  • Convert quality leads into sales by personalized connection with prospects
  • Automated dialing and click-to-dial helps the sales team to connect to the prospects over a telephone call
  • Reach out to the live agent through Voice Response System (IVR)
  • Work on calls based on data stored in the Device or CRM
  • Provide skill-based routing


Did you know QRS has integrated VOIP Systems to route call messages and call recordings into Salesforce – to enable capturing conversations with customers 24X7?



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