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Tips for Business Requirement Gathering Process in Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce CRM is one of the most powerful tools used by top most enterprises. It allows them to store, retrieve, sort, gathers, and prioritize leads and customer data. However, Salesforce contributes to Marketing, Sales, Service, IT and Commerce teams work as one from anywhere.

Understanding Salesforce CRM is simple, but enterprises have to implement it in the right way. Improper Salesforce implementation leads to unwanted leakages of leads and issues in the storage of data.

Gathering Process

Requirement Gathering Process

Requirement gathering is a factor that determines what Salesforce need to achieve and what needs to be executed to make that happen. Before begin implementing or improving Salesforce, it’s difficult to define requirements.

One of the resourceful investments enterprises can make in Salesforce is to have a plan and gather requirements. No one can start with Salesforce CRM without gathering requirements. They can identify resources, do things in the right order, and communicate with the team with the help of plans.

The Salesforce requirement gathering phase depends upon three factors such as project type, project size, and industry. Let’s know the different Salesforce requirements.

  • Business Requirements
  • User Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Non-functional Requirements

Business Requirements

Gathering requirements for Salesforce implementation will help new Salesforce consultants to be masters in complete Salesforce implementation.

When focusing on business requirements, enterprises need to understand what the business is trying to accomplish with the Salesforce projects. Some project managers will often go straight into making a solution. However, learning is only a smart approach to start the Salesforce implementation.

  • Get a clear business vision
  • Understand key business issues faced modern days
  • Know the purpose of the business area
  • Collect updates regarding the current process entails
  • Understand the expectation of the project team to implement Salesforce services
  • Find the goals of Salesforce solution
  • Gather objectives needed to reach the goals
  • Understand the benefits of currently doing Salesforce project
  • Utilize critical success factors
  • Know clearly who will gain benefits from a product or system
  • Must know who are experts in the Salesforce process
  • List out or plan what internal and external factors are affected by the particular Salesforce project

Salesforce is such a flexible CRM solution, but the development side of Salesforce is not going to be easy anymore. While gathering business requirements, every developer must be ready with mentioned key points.


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