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Tips for User Requirement Gathering Process in Salesforce Implementation

In these digital ages, many large organizations use Salesforce CRM to handle both internal and external activities. Salesforce solution development is a very important aspect of before rolling out Salesforce, consultants should gather requirements to implement a successful Salesforce solution.

In the requirement gathering process, Salesforce consultants need to know all the aspects of Salesforce CRM. Thorough knowledge about the Salesforce platform and the various Salesforce offerings helps consultants implement the best functionalities in all phases of Salesforce implementation. 

Salesforce Implementation: Gathering User Requirements

Gather User Requirements

Salesforce developers build CRM solutions to help end-users use the platform efficiently. It’s a critical factor that consultants take into consideration who will be accessing Salesforce products, how experienced they are, and what sort of coaching or training will be needed.

The role of Salesforce consultants is to make customers or users quickly adopt the tools and products available within the Salesforce platform. Clear and concise guidelines will help users to access Salesforce products without difficulties.

  • Consultants have to know who will use the system under development
  • They have to know who performs activities or tasks in the business processes
  • They have to know what business area is impacted by this system function
  • They have to know who get benefited the most from Salesforce projects
  • They have to know what is the source of information that is migrated into the CRM solution.
  • They have to know who is the recipient of information from the CRM solution
  • They have to know which user roles interact with the system
  • They have to know what are the goals of each customer role
  • They have to know what other systems need data from this system

These user requirements must be gathered by a Salesforce consultant or developer before implementation.
If Salesforce consultants have an elaborate knowledge of the Salesforce platform offerings, they can bring results in the product or tool they created.


User requirement gathering is the first phase of starting Salesforce implementation.  Salesforce consultants need prior experience, focus and analytical skills to ensure that they collect all of the requirements thoroughly.


Experience is an important ingredient to ensure successful CRM implementation – connect with us to maximize your Salesforce implementation. The time you spend gathering requirements ensured the success the solution delivers. Want to start on the right foot.



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