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Salesforce: Revenue through Retention and Loyalty


Salesforce Editions

Salesforce offers multiple editions and products with different functionality levels, deciding which feature is best suited to your business growth can be a challenge. We at QR solutions help you with the consultation and implementation of the right Salesforce solution for you to maximize your ROI on a CRM.


Customer Service Advisor Requirement

A Large volume of customer queries including warranty claims, operational queries and FAQs are received through the dealer networks daily. Dealers and Distributors are reporting these queries to the Service Advisor through phone calls and emails.

There was no defined and accurate mechanism to report the status of the customer queries. The process was inefficient and human intensive with a greater chance of human error. All this data collection was scattered along multiple spreadsheets and emails and logs.

The company was dealing with customers, suppliers, products and claims with an inflow of unsorted data, which was growing in volumes.

It was incredibly challenging to find timely resolutions resulting in delays in the services, unhappy dealers and through them unhappy customers and other inefficiencies. As a result of this inefficient processes, executives were unable to make informed business decisions.

The inefficiencies in the whole business process of the CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION were resulting in errors of Omission, Delay, Duplication, non-compliance, and a lack of integration.


Do you have a similar challenge ? Are you looking to address these ?


How we helped?

We helped the Customer Service Division in the automation of their business processes and realize a massive boost in revenue using Salesforce service cloud implementation.

QR solutions was hired to streamline the whole business process and ensure a successful Salesforce implementation. We helped CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION to digitize and automate their customer service processes to address the above-mentioned business challenges.

With a customer first approach of our client, we implemented Salesforce service cloud that enabled them to provide world class services to its customers and dealers at the same time. Our client was dealing with both the B2B and B2C customers and after the implementation of Salesforce service cloud by QR solutions, The CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION is able to close 100% of the cases on time. The whole process of the customer queries and dealers request is now automated and integrated into a single dashboard.

Automation of business process was done to better manage the claims, approvals, Invoice generations to account’s team, pay notes for dealers/suppliers into a single dashboard.
The following features were implemented to achieve the desired result.

Office Automation (Productivity tools)

  • Email to Case
  • Web to Case
  • Salesforce Inbox / Salesforce for Outlook


  • Integration with custom ERP
  • Integration with Dealer Network Management Systems
  • Integration with Website
  • Integration with EPABX IVR / CTI and Automated responses

Salesforce Automations

  • Case Escalation workflows
  • Automations for Case SLA’s
  •  Automated Case Assignments
  • Automated Surveys


Data Migration

Data migration is an important step wile implementing any CRM solution QR Solutions ensured the data quality while importing data of over 9500 customers, 25 dealers, over 18000 Products and related cases and service requests to the new Salesforce Service cloud platform. The following datasets were cleansed, deduped, normalized and imported into salesforce prior to going live


Customer data

Verified Account and Contacts

Images and Ditigal material

Product Images + Hero Image of products

Product Brochures

Original pdf copies of product brochures

Templated Responses

Templated email responses

Survey Forms

Original Survey forms in a digitized format.

Product Data

Products, Sub-Products, Product Categories, Models, Series and other specifications

Product Spec Sheets

Original product specification sheets

Service Requests

Past Service Requests of customers, Request types and Response types


Service level agreements and timings for responses

Customer Success

QR Solutions has successfully transformed the CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION Business process. This has ensured the customer has a 100% digitized platform that is transparent and efficient in servicing their clients, distributors and dealers. Today the customer has recorded

Use case 1

Apart from the above process automation improvements the implementation has also improved the quality of work for the CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION team with


Project details

  • Looking to reap the benefits of a successful salesforce implementation?
  • Looking to digitally transform your customer service processes?
  • Want to have a motivated staff delivering 100% customer satisfaction?
  • Improving and measuring customer retention and customer loyalty?


If you are looking to reap the benefits of a successful Salesforce implementation services delivered efficiently in a timely manner.



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