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Functional and Non-Functional Requirements in Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce CRM is a comprehensive platform that covers all the necessary business processes. It improves relationships that enterprises maintain with partners, customers and competitors. Salesforce system helps to streamline customer service, sales, and marketing within the organization, delivering features such as effective communications, lower service costs, and higher sales margins.

Gathering requirements is an initial and very important stage of any project or platform implementation. In Salesforce implementation, developers should get all the possible requirements just before getting into a project. Gathering functional and non-functional requirements will help developers establish customer expectations.

Salesforce Implementation: Gathering Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

Functional Requirements

Salesforce architects should gather requirements of functional activities of a business. The least expected outcome of any implementation is for a product or project to fail. Gathering functional requirements helps avoid potential project failures and dissatisfied enterprises or businesses.  Some of the common functional requirements are

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  • Design area scope
  • Data definitions
  • System functionality
  • User classes
  • User interfaces
  • Information needs
  • Business activities
  • Business procedures

Salesforce architects must have deep knowledge and understanding of the functional requirements.

Non-Functional Requirements

A Non-Functional requirement is the criteria that can be accessed to judge the activities or operation of the system. Both Non-functional requirements and functional requirements are equally important to implement any system, it becomes even more pronounced in a SaaS or Platform implementation.

Salesforce architects must have awareness and knowledge about non-functional requirements. Some of the non-functional requirements are

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Maintainability
  • Transferability
  • Usability
  • Measurements and Metrics

Salesforce experts must gather the above-listed factors just before entering into the Salesforce project.

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, it’s imperative that certified Salesforce consultants take guidance from experienced Salesforce architects or consultants. Each module of Salesforce must be understood well by Salesforce consultants to implement Salesforce with better outcomes.


Salesforce is a package of multi-featured CRM. Salesforce implementation is difficult when consultants have the only basic knowledge. If they get complete requirements, they can move ahead in the project development. However, business analytical skill is essential to gather requirements for Salesforce implementation


We at QR Solutions use our experience to advise customers of potential outcomes while implementing any project, for best-expected results



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