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Plan for Sales Process & Opportunity Stages in Salesforce


Opportunity values are used to contribute to a sale or pending deal in Salesforce. Your sales pipeline, which delivers your sales forecast, can be built in a variety of ways. It’s also critical to keep your Salesforce opportunities up to date in order to ensure that your sales estimate is correct.


Create a sales process

A sales process maps out the stages that an opportunity goes through as it progresses through its sales cycle, altering what’s visible on a sales path. Within a certain sales process, you may quickly add and remove phases. Your VP of Sales has charged you with assisting her sales team in tracking B2B possibilities more effectively. They can begin by designing a unique sales procedure for them.

Make a plan for your sales process

This entails proactively defining the stages of your sales process and deciding which ones to include in your Salesforce Opportunity Stages. This step requires you to determine which of the conventional opportunity stages are appropriate for your sales process and which should be adjusted to fit your sales process. The major purpose is to make sure that the pi is correct.

Avoid stage names that are unclear. Your salespeople should be able to tell the difference between opportunity phases and when to use each one. Your sales managers, for example, may be perplexed by some abstract categories that could refer to either a completed milestone or ongoing effort. If you have a stage labelled “Product Trial,” it’s a good idea to use it.

Your consumer has just consented to take part in a trial, and now you must check that the product is installed properly.

Your consumer has already begun the trial period and is actively investigating the benefits of your product.

To reduce the risk of making a mistake, double-check that you’ve set up distinct opportunity stages.


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Create criteria for each stage's entry and exit

An opportunity stage is not a one-time achievement; it entails the completion of several critical tasks before progressing to the next. As a result, each stage should be a substantial portion of the sales cycle, complete with a variety of activities that aid in moving the opportunity forward. To assist your salespeople in getting to the next opportunity as quickly as possible.

  • The first meeting should be held.
  • Make a list of the prerequisites.
  • The salesperson should then eliminate a few activities during the “Needs Analysis” stage to move on to the next stage:
  • With the lead, go over the requirements.
  • Determine who makes the decisions.
  • Determine how you will meet the requirements.
  • Estimate the deal value and enter it into Salesforce.
  • Calculate the closing date and record it in the system.
Think about the proportion

As a deal moves through the opportunity phases, the chances of the company closing the agreement increase. As a result, organizations should allocate a stage percentage based on the likelihood of a deal closing in a specific phase. Out-of-the-box Predefined percentages correspond to regular opportunity stages in Salesforce CRM. However, this information does not reflect the severity of the problem.


The Opportunity Pipeline report feature in Salesforce CRM allows you to create reports that show the whole open pipeline categorised by stage and probability. These reports, in my experience, are extremely important for any firm because they enable the planning of future cash flows and income. As a result, if a company tailors opportunity phases to its specific sales process, it can improve pipeline visibility and profitability

Opportunity Stages can be as simple as this

process sales methods

Or something more detailed like the below

sales process

A typical salesforce opportunity dashboard will have the following KPI’s



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