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Microsoft Outlook Integration with Salesforce

Companies around the world communicate with their customers via email. Email provides an economical way to communicate with existing and potential customers. Even companies use Salesforce, which is rated as the world’s number one CRM. Next, why not take a look at how to connect both of them?

But for any sales team, time is the most important. Reducing wasted time equates to exponential growth in your organization’s revenue.

So let us first understand why it is important to consider Outlook Integration  with Salesforce, especially in today’s data-driven and connected digital business context

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Microsoft Outlook Overview

Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook for short, is Microsoft’s personal information manager, which allows users to send and receive e-mails on their computers. It provides many functions for managing various types of personal data, such as calendar appointments and entries, tasks, contacts, notes, and similar events.

OI 1
  • Help to expel efforts on redundant records or data entry into two applications

How Beneficial is Salesforce Outlook Integration?

  • Here is what proves to be flexible for the sales reps:
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1. View and match Salesforce Content in Outlook

  • Increase the adoption rate of the Salesforce sales team. Update what happens to Salesforce employees in your organization by adding emails related to the sales cycle.
  • Help to expel the task of feeding redundant data in two applications
  • Help to create elegant and meaningful email templates for all prospects and customers

2. Access Salesforce Features in Outlook

  • Search for more Salesforce records with custom objects.
  • Create Salesforce data or records based on some standard objects such as contacts, lead opportunities, cases as well as some custom objects.
  • Connect non-repetitive email messages and calendar events to multiple Salesforce contacts, and Salesforce records that accept email messages or tasks.
  • Helps to access necessary Outlook emails and manage all related Salesforce data and records in one place.
  • Helps the sales team track email conversations related to Salesforce records

3. Sync Contacts and Events

OI 3
  • Enable users to sync events in a continues way . Sales reps can get updated contacts and scheduling data and when required.

4. Add Automatically to Activity Timeline


5. Right Response at Right time

  • Use smart data from Salesforce Einstein Insights to enable sales reps to submit the right answer at the right time.
  • This will help sales reps save time entering data and switching between the two applications.

The integration of Salesforce and Outlook is purely for rationality and convenience. Increase your productivity, manage sales more profitably, and work smarter and faster.


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