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Sales Opportunity Tracking Tools & Advantages of Tracking Opportunity

All sales professionals are keen and trying to hit a maximum number of prospects and bring about higher deal closure. Since the initial lead possession to terminal sales closure, each of the phases needs to be executed for successful closure. Opportunity is a stage between identify a lead and losing or closing a deal.

As a sales head, sales managers must track each opportunity stage to know exactly where each deal stands in the sales process. Use an opportunity tracking system that lets them coordinate and manage with typical challenges that they face during the conversion journey of lead-to-sales.

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Importance of Tracking Opportunity

If enterprises handle sales as one process, it will result in dissension in sales exchanges. They could also end up pounding multiple sales phases together. A solid opportunity tracking system helps them handle business acquisitions and track the progress in sales. All the businesses generate leads. However, leads won’t bring in revenue, and deals can do it.

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Can an opportunity management system tell enterprises which leads to pursued and which to be sidelined? Does it help them improve and increase the proficiency of handling the sales exchanges in each instance?

To bring in prolific deal closures, enterprises have to manage each stage of sales while considering the terminal lead conversion. The opportunity tracking system lets them systematize the different parts of sales exchange, authorizing each team member to comprehend the overhaul sales process. Enterprises can maximize a deal closure within the defined budget if they’re using opportunity tracking properly. Let’s see some advantages of it.

  • It ensures all sales related enquires are responded to quickly and followed up systematically
  • Generates new business forecast
  • Let’s you see the progress of each salesperson with a visual pipeline
  • It shows additional graphing on the dashboard
  • Tracks conversion rates for some opportunities and take corrective actions based on old trends for lost deals

Why does Opportunity Management Tool Need in Sales?

Opportunities are important to any business, and they can increase the bottom line of enterprises. Companies must be aware and ensure that they’re handling opportunities in the right way. The leads are not easy to be converted as a deal, they should own a tool of opportunity management to make it. Let’s see the features of the opportunity management tool.

  • A solid opportunity tracking tool will guide enterprises to prioritize opportunities and look out on the preferred ones, using data-driven predictions 
  • Help them understand the past of a particular opportunity, and predict the next steps that the company need to take
  • They can get a view of 360-degree on a particular opportunity. They can see each activity, interaction, and stakeholder evolved to make decisions
  • Emphasis enterprises process, and ensure teams understand what needs to be done to push their opportunities frontline
  • Using collaborative functionality, guide and help each team member operate efficiently and streamline their process of sales.
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The sales process will be valuable with the help of an opportunity tracking system. Enterprises can avoid mistakes between lead-to-sales when they have a proper tracking tool. However, the development of business is assured with the opportunity management.


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