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Top 5 Popular Customer Journey Tracking Tools & Benefits

Hassle-free customer journey helps enterprises run a business in a way of effective. It defines clearly what improvements require for a brand. Many stages come under customer journey, companies have to use some powerful software tools to track customer journey without a fail.

Each customer is looking for a seamless experience in the customer journey. As a brand head, executives must help all the customers to feel good while they’re visiting a site. Let’s talk about some popular customer journey tracking tools.

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Top 5 Customer Journey Tracking Tools

The journey visualization tools will guide enterprise superbly in tracking each movement of customer. It allows them to track the journey using sophisticated charts, diagrams and exclusive flow charts.

1. UXPressia


It’s a cloud-based management tool that helps company to visualize, present, share and improvise customer experiences. It offers a modern interface with an easy drop and drag option. Apart from tracking customer journeys, UXPressia offers impact map builders, flexible customer persona, and stunning predefined templates. Price: Free plan comes with minimum features and starter pack starts at $16 per month

2. Lucidchart

This visual tool captures customer experience. It contains extensive formatting options and customizable templates. It lets enterprises track the customers while interacting with particular brand. This helps enterprises target specific customer personas, increase buyer engagement, and increase your brand values. Price: it also has a free plan and the paid plan starts at $8.95 per month

3. Hotjar

A branded company can understand how customers behave on their site by using session recordings and Heatmaps. Hotjar will notify customers thoughts so you can fix your site to improve the customer journey. This tool is best for all sizes of businesses, digital marketers, data analysts and more. Price: Hotjar offers free trials and the paid plan starts at $39 per month

4. Smaply

Using Smaply tool, executives can create a customer journey map from one of the templates based on various types of cjms: communication journey, service blueprint, empathy journey map, and comparison between various personas. The interface is neat and minimalist. The template is black and white and formal, so adding suitable colours and visual effects is up to you. Smaply is also a cloud-based tool. Other than visualizing customer journeys, enterprise executives can create customer personas and other stakeholders’ maps.

The price is $25/month, and a free trial is also offered.

5. Miro 

Miro is a robust tool, perfect not only for customer journey maps, but also for some others such as agile, retrospectives, mood boards, and more. It’s a digital whiteboard and fully based on the cloud. If enterprise want to track the customer journey only , the free version will be enough. Enterprises should pay $10 per month if it needs more integration options. There are more than 50+ customer journey tracking tools. companies may pick any of it as per needs.


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Common Benefits of Tracking Customer Journey

Customer journey is important to know what happens around your company. You can get many benefits with the tracking tools.

  • It increases customer satisfaction
  • Improves your brand value
  • Loyalty and Revenue will be increased
  • Understand customer perspective clearly
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