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Key Features of Automated Lead Management Tool

Lead management is a process that involves Capturing, Validating and Identifying, Analyzing and converting the leads into sales-ready prospects. Then prospects will share with the Sales teams. In these digital ages, businesses small or big find it challenging to handle leads manually. has been designed to ensure small businesses can operate like enterprises, by automating the lead management processes. is a newly designed lead management tool that helps both sales and marketing teams of an enterprise. includes innovative features in which enterprises achieve better throughput in successful sales closures without any interruptions.

This platform is secure, scalable, robust and customizable.

Generating new clients Features

An automated lead management tool delivers a seamless experience through incredible features. is a fully customizable, efficient and easy to use platform, gives an enhanced productivity boost to business development.


The comes with automated lead delivery, a fully configurable lead pipeline, customizable workflows, open API integration and more. It delivers instant lead notifications to key personnel.

The innovative sales toolbox combines the power of productivity tools with seamless integration, providing enhanced efficiency in managing sales operations. Managing Calendars, Communications and activities are simplified, to provide 360-degree visibility into the sales activities. platform enables organizations to have complete visibility into the entire sales process, making it an innovative platform that is out to disrupt the digital lead management ecosystem.

Customer Journey

The customer journey is a set of real experiences that customers go through when interacting with a particular organization or enterprise. In a digital culture, a good customer journey will help close more deals and ensure repeat business. Orchestrated customer journey improves employee loyalty and results in a happier sales team. This has a direct effect on the growth of an organization. helps enterprises configure, manage and implement time tested customer journey’s.  This innovative feature tracks each touchpoint of customers and identifies the valid interactions of customers that they have with the organization. Helping them understand the way customers understand their brand. innovative, fully customizable and easy to use the road to sale process  ensures continuous improvement and proactive change management

Mobility is built on a flexible framework and is compatible with multiple platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. The well researched intuitive user interface ensures reduced data capture time and ease of use.

It lowers the cost of training and helps staff stay on top of their daily activities. Spend more time on closing deals rather than updating records.

Scheduling helps to create a scheduling meet link that enterprises can share with reliable prospects, giving them access to book time on the sales team’s calendar.


Manage all lead records in a single database. Track customer response and sales team activities with a responsive lead management tool. This tool allows enterprises to monitor sales emails, calls and other assigned tasks. Tracking could be a key feature of it.  


Communication is the key factor to any business. helps both customers and the sales team with enables communication channels by sending email messages as well as voice messages. This tool is fully integrated with cloud technology so that the sales team can stay in touch with customers all the time.  


Why is a Comprehensive, customizable platform that comes at an incredible ROI to the organization. Innovation at its best with the award-winning feature set. This is a fully managed SaaS platform that comes with mandatory white-glove service.

Being fully on the cloud, and accessible anytime anywhere – implementation and roll-out of this platform for managing your sales process is a breeze.

It’s a continuously growing platform, with an open integration stack to work with all of your in house applications, making it undeniably the best in its breed.


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