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Marketing Cloud- Email Studio Tools and Features

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a powerful marketing platform, which is specially designed for customer engagement and marketing automation. Marketing cloud includes Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Advertising Studio, Interaction Studio, Journey Builder, Social Studio, Google Analytics 360, Data Studio, and audience studio.

Email Studio is one of the marketing cloud products. Use to create emails or messages, segments and automation to target the general audience to become a valuable customer and all without using custom or complex coding. Help organizations to send promotional, targeted, event based, and transactional emails to the customers.


Features and Functionalities of Email Studio

Email studio can help enterprises in many ways. Let’s take a quick look at the features of email studio.

  • No code required
  • Share content across multiple channels
  • Send with confidence
  • Built-in AI
  • Any time, any audience

No Code Required

Enterprises can accelerate the email design and development process with drag-and-drop blocks and intuitive UI for dynamic and static content.

Share content across channels

Enterprises can easily search, tag, and share content across multiple distribution channels, including social, email, and mobile. They can use the content builder module for content management and creation at scale.

Send with confidence

Enterprises can test messages or emails and see the exact results in the preview. Enterprise can get rid of sending anxiety completely.


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Built-in AI

Enterprises can take advantage of Einstein Artificial Intelligence to improve email engagement.

Any email, any audience

Enterprises can create any type of email from newsletters to other complex statements. They can target and send messages to any customers at the same time.

Types of Emails

promotional email
  • Promotional emails – newsletters, events, loyalty programs, flash sales, and coupons related emails are considered promotional emails.
  • Transactional emails – purchase confirmations, hotel reservations, shipping notifications, bank statements, overdraft alerts, and other related emails are transactional emails.
  • Ecommerce emails – rejected shopping cart emails, normal receipt emails, order confirmations, and other next-best-offer recommendations.

Tools Included in Email Studio

There are six tools included in marketing cloud email studio such as

  • Content
  • Subscribers
  • Interactions
  • A/B Testing
  • Tracking
  • Admin
email studio


Email studio helps create and share any type of content, including customized emails, using the content builder.


Help manage subscriber data of enterprises, including building sendable data extensions.


Help initiate the triggering process.

A/B Testing

Use the A/B testing module to identify which types of parameters are highly effective with customers or audiences. The parameters may be anything like emails, content blocks, pre-headers, subject lines, and others.


The tracking module helps to see the exact status of sending data. It will help enterprises to see the status of sending failed data.


Admin module is designed only for enterprise’s admin. It helps to manage account information, physical mailing addresses shown in footers of emails, security settings, and more.


In this digital age, most enterprises love to engage with the marketing cloud email studio solutions. With email studios, enterprises can create any type of message to all the audience with perfect timing.


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