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Salesforce Artificial Intelligence -Leveraging the Cloud

Salesforce is the first CRM to have Artificial Intelligence technology in their processes. Salesforce CRM connects customers and businesses on the same page. Artificial Intelligence transforms the way companies interact with their consumers using technology.

AI suits well to small, medium, and large organizations equally. Salesforce AI helps every employee in an enterprise to work smarter and improve the customer experience. With AI, enterprises can predict and plan the upcoming steps, analyze their data and make smart and timely business decisions. Salesforce AI helps modernize the regular processes of the business.


What is Salesforce AI Offering?

Salesforce Einstein is an intelligence application within the Salesforce platform. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that it offers to the various products within the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Einstein will act as a medium to access AI.

Some key Salesforce AI Benefits are

  • Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Service Cloud Einstein
  • Marketing Cloud Einstein
  • Community cloud Einstein
  • Analytics Cloud Einstein
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein
  • Salesforce IoT Einstein
  • Salesforce Platform Einstein
Salesforce AI Offering

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales reps need to focus on the right prospects or leads and close as quickly as possible. AI provides an elaborate list of features such as Activity Capture, Lead Scoring, and Proper Insights on opportunities, contacts, and accounts. Artificial Intelligence technology powers up CRM activities.

Service Cloud Einstein

Service Cloud Einstein is one of the AI offerings, which enables contact centres to get customer insights with the help of AI. Customer service experience will be improved through service cloud Einstein.

Marketing Cloud Einstein

Using marketing cloud Einstein, the marketing team of the enterprise generates different campaigns according to predictions and recommendations. AI works to predict the powerful audience channel, perfect timing, and also marketing content.

Community Cloud Einstein

Artificial Intelligence of Salesforce recommends the right content for questions of customers or users. Community Cloud Einstein develops customized chats, recommend topics, articles, and experts. AI helps enterprises to provide suitable answers to the questions of users.

Analytics Cloud Einstein

The analytics cloud Einstein helps automate and prioritize the upcoming insight that enterprises need to know. AI Einstein analyzes tons of data to obtain prescriptive recommendations and predictive insights.

Commerce Cloud Einstein

AI technology is a very powerful adoption. The commerce cloud Einstein recommends the right products and offers at the right time. Some features are order management, mobile site reference, architecture blueprints, and predictive sort.

Salesforce IoT Einstein

Salesforce application combined IoT and Einstein in one unified platform. This feature helps to predict events, and turn up end-users to act on their necessary insights.

Salesforce Platform Einstein

AI is not only for making Salesforce applications smarter, but it also provides excellent support to create custom apps.

Salesforce embraces AI to make the revolutionary changes in the working style of enterprises. It acts faster and smarter, so accurate and instant benefits are assured for businesses.


Do you need to bring intelligence in your business? Contact us to get the complete Salesforce services with embracement of AI.



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