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Salesforce Einstein and its applications to businesses

Companies that utilize customer data are known to fare much better than the companies whose data is scattered around multiple places or in silos, and the data had to be sent to analysts for processing because the analytical tools were not designed for the business user

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with customer data can help the company change how they interact with their customers spanning across all industries.


Artificial intelligence helps to improve business outcomes in different parts of businesses such as Marketing, Sales Productivity, Customer Service, IT Retail, and Commerce; it helps to gain answers to simple questions that bog the companies by integrating customer data with analytics tools.

Salesforce Einstein is an intelligent CRM assistant divided into two categories

Einstein out-of-the-box applications

Just as AI is integrated into all the apps we use, Einstein is integrated into all the Salesforce applications such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.

Einstein platform

The Einstein platform provides users with sophisticated capabilities that enable businesses to obtain customer insights, forecast outcomes, identify appropriate actions to take, and automate repetitive operations, allowing them to focus more on the customer.

  • Simple questions such as if a customer will open a mail or subscribe to your page can be predicted by AI, thus helping the business only to send emails to prospects.
  • Predicts where the next sales opportunities lie.
  • Customer service can be improved using AI by classifying the customer request mails and routing them to the right agent or solving customer queries via chatbots.
  • Helps to boost sales, outstanding customer service, personalized shopping experience, market to customers effectively.
  • It helps build intelligent applications and better business processes for every business out there.

So, what makes Einstein better than another platform which uses AI?

Since Einstein is infused within the Salesforce platform, all the data that is stored, including data from email, social, calendar, and external data, is readily available at the platform itself and structured so that Einstein can start learning.

Almost 80% of the data stored in the Salesforce platform is unique to the customer using the platform, which means vast amounts of custom objects reside there. A massive army of data scientists is needed to deliver AI-based suggestions based on the customers’ needs.

Einstein helps cater to all the different Salesforce customers with varying use cases by delivering them AI without the need for data scientists; this is called automated machine learning (AutoML).


Let’s delve deeper to find out the different tools that the Einstein platform has to offer and how they apply to business.

Einstein Bots

If a customer has any query and needs an instant answer, they immediately go to their favorite channels such as chat, voice, or text for help.

Routine questions, password updates, order status updates, etc…, can be handled easily using Einstein bots which uses natural language processing.

Thus, you can tend to the customer faster without spoiling the brand value; at the same time, service agents get more time to handle other complex customer cases.

Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice is divided into Einstein voice assistant assisting the employees and Einstein voice bots helping the customers.

salesforce einstein

1. Einstein voice assistant

It helps the Salesforce user know what actions are to be prioritized; it helps to log notes from any meeting by talking to the assistant using a smartphone.

Einstein will help the user by reminding them of action items, scheduling meetings.

Employees can navigate the Salesforce dashboard easily, and data can be pulled out in real-time using the voice assistant.

2. Einstein voice bot

It helps customers interact with the business customer service.

Einstein voice bots help reply to inquiries by allowing the customers to speak to their smart speakers without picking up the phone or logging into a portal.

For any query, the Einstein voice bot will search through the Salesforce platform and then speak the answer to the customer, and this gives the service agent more time for solving complicated customer cases.

Einstein prediction builder

Einstein prediction builder helps business outcomes in any part of the business, be it sales, marketing, service, finance, HR, commerce, IT using clicks, not codes.

The predictions can be made on non-encrypted data available on the Salesforce Platform.

Suppose a consumer goods company is experiencing attrition from the stores purchasing their products. In that case, the prediction builder will help the company predict the retail stores likely to attrit with a simple yes or no using AutoML.

With the predicted outcome, the service representative will know which customer is more likely to buy and engage with them, thus preventing attrition and increasing business.

Einstein Next Best action

Einstein’s Next Best Action (NBA) helps use rule-based and predictive models to provide valuable recommendations and make offers to anyone in the business.

Consider customer attrition: once the Einstein prediction builder predicts which stores are more likely to attrit, the Einstein NBA assists in developing the next best action targeting the consumers who are most likely to attrit.

Einstein NBA involves attracting the customers most likely to attrit by offering them discounts and other exciting offers.

Einstein NBA allows all the different propositions to surface from Salesforce directly to users helping the consumers make the right decision and increasing sales for the business.

Einstein Discovery

Einstein Prediction builder helps predict based only on the non-encrypted data; this type of prediction might not help the company to get to the bottom of a particular problem.

On the other hand, Einstein Discovery uses both encrypted and unencrypted data to solve problems.

Taking the previous example of customer attrition again, while we saw how the predictive modeling could tell which store is likely to attrit, Einstein discovery can predict the exact reason for the attrition of that store.

Einstein Vision and Language

Einstein vision helps to use unstructured data such as images, text, videos, audio, documents and make sense of them by extracting contextual information.

You can use Einstein vision to add profound learning capacities to any application.

Einstein vision consists of Einstein object detection and Einstein image classification.

When you click a picture of an object, image classification helps identify if the object is in good condition or needs repairs. Object identification helps determine the number of things in the image, saving time for the sales reps. So any discrepancy in the object from the inventory can be easily assessed by a service representative remotely,

There is Einstein intent and Einstein sentiment in Einstein language

Here unstructured data in the form of text is harnessed to help the companies understand their customers better.

Einstein sentiment used in applications surfaces through social media. It uses positive and negative filters to predict if a particular product interests a customer or not and helps marketers plan their marketing strategy accordingly.

Einstein’s intent helps categorize text and helps marketers find out what the customers are talking about based on the different text categories of the product, say colour, texture, etc.


Einstein’s platform infused with Salesforce has several tools that can harness a sea of data and help the businesses in any industry perform better, help them generate more sales, better revenue, and help them be always on top of their game.

There is a lot of unstructured data existing in silos in the businesses which cannot be accessed due to bureaucracy. The data available is equivalent to striking a gold mine considering the number of insights it can give about the customers, this data when utilized at the right platform such as Salesforce along AutoML and Einstein, it helps the companies predict better outcomes, worst-case scenarios and allows companies to scale new heights.


At QRS, We help businesses to manage sales, marketing, and customer service with automation. We make your business innovative with power of AI.



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