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Knowledge Management-Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Knowledge Management System is a product of Salesforce Service Cloud. Knowledge management helps share information, insights and answers across digital space. Supply information to both customers and employees consecutively. Customer service agents will get benefited a lot through knowledge management solution


In this digital era, technological advancement has pushed the need for knowledge management to the forefront. Businesses now expanded across multiple sites, on a global scale, and in many languages. With advanced mobile devices, employees are expected to be on service 24/7. Help customers find the answers they need and empower and connect sales reps or customer service agents with the correct answers to customer queries with the best knowledge management tool.


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Features of Knowledge Management Solution

Let’s take look at features of knowledge management solution.


Deliver answers Consistently

Help customers get what they need using a collaborated knowledge management solution. Has powerful analytics to identify which articles are working and identify and create new content.

Maximize Service Agent Productivity

Quickly present the answers or articles to customers by adding knowledge management solutions to the agent workspace. Suggest the best articles automatically for every conversation, and then make it easy for customer service agents to preview and share them over any communication channel with one single click.

Help customers help themselves

Encourage and motivate customer self-service by embedding relevant articles right into the enterprise’s website, community, portal, and other mobile apps. Instantly respond to customer queries by using chat bots – powered by AI – to recommend relevant articles.

Streamline Knowledge Management Process

The knowledge management solution applies industry best practices and ensures the accuracy of articles or answers. Help customers get quick answers without delay. In these digital ages, no one wants to wait for a long time to get a response from the product side, where knowledge management strategy comes into the picture to give back responses as quickly as possible.


The future of enterprises continues to vary or change minute-by-minute. Knowledge management solution helps them stay ahead of the curve. Salesforce service cloud has the power to take their business’s knowledge management to the top level.


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