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What are Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its features and benefits?

More than 40% of adults use a digital assistant to conduct some or all of their daily duties, and 20% of homes have a smart speaker.

In a world of connected products, homes that are constantly interacting with artificial intelligence-driven devices, the customers become brand conscious and decide when and how they interact with a brand.

Salesforce Marketing

With such an empowered customer, marketers must keep one step ahead by monitoring when and how their customers engage on various channels. To accomplish this, a marketer must focus on engaging with clients across several digital platforms and can’t rely just on traditional marketing methods.

With 79% of the customers saying that the experience a brand offers is equally important as their product or service, intelligent and sensible marketing is the need of the hour in this era of digital transformation and a connected customer.

Marketing Cloud, built on the most popular CRM platform Salesforce helps businesses market to the ideal customers through appropriate digital channels to create a personalized experience exclusive to every customer.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can do the following

  • Creates a single unified customer view by connecting all the different data about them scattered across multiple devices.
  • Einstein’s artificial intelligence applied to the customer data helps sort out their likes and dislikes, helping the marketers to present information relevant to the customer.
  • Create engagement with the customer in real-time via multiple modes of communication such as mobile, web, social media channels, and various other digital channels.
  • Measures and reports the performance of the marketing strategies applied and how these strategies are improving customer base and loyalty.
  • Helps optimize these marketing strategies to serve customers better
  • Improve the overall ROI on the marketing initiatives.

Now that we know what Salesforce Marketing Cloud is, let’s dive straight into the features and benefits it has to offer!

There are different products that the Marketing Cloud offers to understand your customer and personally engage with the customer at every touchpoint throughout their journey with your business.

Journey Builder

Salesforce Marketing cloud

Once you have created the ideal customers you would like to interact with, the journey builder helps create a customer journey based on their business. Let’s consider a few simple scenarios here

  • If the business has just on boarded a new customer, they might want to welcome new customers to the company by thanking them for their first purchase and asking them to refer a friend.
  • If they want to engage with an existing customer, then they can influence customer’s next purchase, refer them to a loyalty program or push them to download your mobile app, and so on.

So, for every customer, there is a different journey to follow and different ways to interact with them. With the journey builder’s easy-to-use drag and drop tools, a marketer can easily create a workflow of when and how to send an SMS, email, display ads, or make a phone call to their customer.

This automated tool helps create a customized journey for every individual at scale, so automation will do the rest once the strategy is set with the journey builder.

Audience Studio

The customer data scattered across different sources is captured to divide the audience into segments and direct the correct advertisements, content, and experiences relevant to each segment. Using Einstein’s predictions, Audience Studio helps identify new audiences who can add value to your business.

Audience Studio will serve as the brain for data-focused marketing activities, collecting and unifying data from diverse sources, including offline data from its CRM system. With relevant content targeting the right customer segment, audience studio helps increase customer engagement and better business returns.


Are you struggling with multiple applications that do not talk with each other and spending too much time trying to link these together? Contact us today to bring everything together and work seamlessly!


Data Studio

Once the audience information is collected with the audience studio, businesses can use data studio to securely share this valuable information with third-party advertisers to boost revenue.

Digital Trends, a technology reviewing company, enhanced ROI by 250 percent from audience selling alone, generated new advertising business by 30 percent, and achieved higher prices across all of their programmatic mobile and display advertising

Interaction Studio

Interaction studio targets every user as they move through the customer life cycle by analyzing how they interact with different channels, identifying anonymous customers and linking them to their existing customer profiles, collecting detailed information of known and anonymous visitors to their websites, etc.

Once the customer behavior is analyzed interaction studio conveys the information to other systems to deliver suitable email campaigns, advertisements personalized for each customer.

Email Studio

Customers today receive around 100 emails a day, and they spend merely 11 seconds on a mail that they choose to open; with such immense competition to capture customers’ attention, a personalized one-on-one interaction helps you stay ahead of the curve.

With a company catering to hundreds and millions of customers one single day creating one on one engagements at scale can be an arduous task, but with Salesforce Marketing cloud’s Email Studio, you can segment, build, deliver, and track promotional and transactional emails all in one place.

Fanatics, a leading online sports merchandise retailer with endless sports news on thousands of teams, send millions of emails to sports fans each year. They use Email Studio to create customized emails with the right sports news by filtering the customers based on their favorite teams.

  • Create influential AI-based audience segments.
  • Develop email templates optimized for web and mobile interfaces.
  • Create customized dynamic content messages along with AI recommendations.
  • Bring together both promotional and transactional messages in one single place.
  • Most importantly, automate and scale all the interactions with your entire customer base and prospective customers.

Advertising Studio

Businesses might not want to send a custom offer to a customer who might have already purchased a product or send a loyalty and rewards offer to a newly on boarded customer. Mishaps like this can be avoided when you know who to advertise to and when.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Advertising studio helps engage with the right customer at the right time on the right platform.

Salesforce Marketing
  • Securely deliver data-driven advertisements using CRM data to reach all your prospective and existing customers through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and display ads.
  • Advertising Studio can combine email and advertising for better customer engagement; up selling, cross-selling, and reselling can be quickly done by coordinating the advertising studio with the email studio.
  • Advertising studios can easily connect with Pardot and Sales Cloud to sync your advertising with email nurturing campaigns, lead scoring, and sales teams.
  • Advertising studio drives higher ROI and cuts costs by optimizing your ad campaigns and removing irrelevant audiences from advertising that doesn’t pertain to them.
  • Customer data can be easily synced from any digital channel, helping you quickly build your data asset and create powerful targeted advertisements for millions of customers.

Along with these powerful features, marketing cloud, customers can avail social studio, mobile studio, Google analytics 360, and Datorama to enable better customer engagement.


In this age of digital transformation and intelligent market, Salesforce Marketing Cloud drives your business by being present at every touchpoint of a customer’s journey.

By collecting all the data pertaining to the customer, analyzing the data using Einstein artificial intelligence, and marketing clouds state of the art features, businesses can target the right customers, create a personalized journey, and skyrocket their sales.


Is your Salesforce sales cloud not driving the correct information to your prospects? Ask us today how Marketing cloud can improve your marketing team performance!



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