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High-Velocity Sales: Benefits and Features

Gone are the days when B2B sales were conducted face-to-face or at an office desk; the current era of digital change, and, most crucially, the pandemic, has shifted sales engagement to a more remote model.

Today, sales representatives engage remotely with customers from within their office environment through multiple modes of communication such as email, phone, social media platforms, VoIP, chat, and other digital channels to engage with prospective customers and convert them to valuable sales.


This entire process of selling the products to the customers from the office premises instead of face-to-face meetings is called inside sales.

With B2B consumers today looking for the same seamless online buying experience as the B2C consumers, the future of B2B sales lies with the businesses building effective relationships with the customers, utilizing their digital footprints to understand precisely what they are looking for, and deliver faster, more intuitive and hyper-personalized experiences to their B2B buyers.

According to Forrester’s research, it is observed that inside sales representatives spend six times more of their time selling in front of a screen than selling face to face from handling inbound leads, making cold calls, selling to prospects, upselling, cross-selling, generating new opportunities, etc.

But with the endless different sales roles that exist within a B2B business and specifically for inside sales where there are business sales reps, inside sales reps, sales development reps, remote sales reps, etc., and with each of them handling different responsibilities across the sales cycle, they can lose sight of the entire sales engagement process.


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How can they lose sight of the sales engagement process?

On average, a sales representative spends only 32% of their time selling, whereas the rest of the time is spread out trying to research the leads, look up their information, or plan a sales approach.

It is observed that the inside sales reps have to navigate almost six different tools split among other systems to sell a product, and this can lead to up to 4000 dollars’ worth of money along with loss of their precious time.

What if a streamlined solution helped the inside sales teams sell faster and more efficiently?

In January 2020, Salesforce introduced an addon to the Sales Cloud designed specifically for the inside and the virtual sales teams to streamline their sales engagement processes.


Digital Selling is now faster with Salesforce High-Velocity sales and it helps by

Utilizing analytics and automation to engage with prospective clients more quickly and efficiently.

All the different tools necessary for the sales engagement are consolidated on one plane, preventing the reps from toggling between multiple screens and systems.

They are aiding in developing the most dependable sales automation procedures for scalability and repeatable success.

Salesforce High-Velocity has the following features to boost productivity and successfully manage the sales engagement process.

  • Work Queues
  • Einstein Lead Score
  • Lightning Sales Console
  • Sales Cadences
  • Email Integration
  • Sales Dialer
high velocity

Work Queues to connect to the right leads first.

Work queues provide a list of contacts to connect within the order of their priority. This streamlined list consists of whom to contact and what is the next best action to take; the reps can contact their prospects via the ready to use Email templates available to send emails or use the Sales Dialer to place a call without the need to manually dial a number or using a different email service.

You might be wondering how work queues are created in the first place; it is done by using Einstein lead score and Sales Cadence, more on Sales cadence later.


Einstein Lead Score predicts

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Einstein Lead Score identifies the patterns of how leads convert to business. Then with the knowledge of these patterns, Einstein predicts and scores the leads that might convert to sales and adds them to the Work Queues.


Einstein’s lead score is more accurate than the traditional lead scoring approaches used in B2B businesses. It analyses the available data to create a predictive model specific to your company. Also, it keeps refreshing your lead scores list every ten days by looking out for any new and emerging trends.

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Lightning Sales Console to make the lives of sales reps simpler

A sales representative looking to sell digitally from a computer screen is no longer switching between countless tabs or scrolling through pages to reach a particular content.

The Lightning sales console assists the sales rep by providing all the information they need on a single screen. The information can range from Work queues, Activity timeline, Einstein Lead score, marketing engagement history, Sales cadence card, Email, phone integration to notes.

The best part is the console has a framework that fits different screen sizes and is customizable to include any and every information that a sales rep needs to attend to their customers.

Sales Cadences for lead conversions at scale

Training a new employee to get onboard or retain an existing employee costs a lot of time and money, but a well-defined set of steps of best practices for the sales engagement processes can streamline this process better.

Salesforce High-Velocity Sales’ Sales Cadence helps managers to create a sequence of steps of the entire lead management process that guides a new or an existing employee to keep a prospect moving down the sales funnel. Managers can deliver the best sales practices to the entire team by creating the next best step workflow with a few clicks and not codes using Sales cadence.


With Sales Cadence, a manager can define a sequential order of the different outreach methods a sales rep must follow to build a relationship with a prospective client and close a deal. The sales rep can then communicate with the client via different modes of communication such as email, phone, etc.

Sales Dialer and Email Integration

Once the Sales Cadence and Einstein lead score clearly define where exactly the customer stands in the customer journey, all that is left for the sales representative to do is to use the Sales Dialer pre-installed and accessible via the Utility Bar at the bottom of the screen or the Email Integration tool to place a call or shoot an email instantly.


Salesforce’s High-Velocity Sales is the future of sales since it helps the sales representatives with an army of tools to perform sales faster. It dramatically reduces the manual tasks involved in prospecting, and the beautiful automation features help accelerate sales at scale.

All this, in combination with the Salesforce CRM, gives your business an edge compared to your competitors allowing your business to grow and scale new heights.


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