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High Velocity Sales in Salesforce

Sales processes traditionally involve Email, Voice Chat, Product Demonstrations and Personal relationships to ensure the successful closure of the sale. Due to the growth and involvement of technology, sales engagement has advanced from traditional platforms to digital platforms.

Did you know, Salesforce automation solutions recognize face-to-face conversations, today’s sales representatives are using high-end interactive platforms like Email, Video Conferencing, Video chat, Voice Over IP (VoIP), and Rich Text messaging as part of their sales activity.


High-Velocity Sales helps revolutionize sales processes and boost the productivity of an organization. It is specially designed for inside sales teams, including the sales development team, and business development team members. Unify core Salesforce technologies with a set of new features that helps sales representatives sell smarter and faster.

Inside sale is a process of selling products or services remotely from within a remote location – we can call that home or office.

High Velocity Sales directly helps inside sales representatives to improve sales productivity multiple times. The remote selling processes benefit a good deal from High Velocity Sales.

Role of High Velocity Sales in Inside Sales

High Velocity Sales solution provides inside sales teams:

  • Insights on how to prospect faster and smarter
  • Innovative and integrated tools to eliminate multiple logins and repetitive tasks.
  • Better automation solutions for scalable, and repeatable success
  • A consistent set of specific procedure for sales representatives to proceed.

Salesforce High-Velocity Sales helps organizations to reach quality leads, Smart conversion processes and helps create multiple opportunities in one seamless environment.

Smart Features of High Velocity Sales

  • Work Queues
  • Lightning Sales Console
  • Sales Cadence
  • Einstein Lead Score
  • Email Integration
  • Sales Dialer

Work Queues

With the work queues feature, sales representatives can see a prioritized list of calls, emails, and tasks. These processes are defined by the sales cadences created by the head of sales or sales manager. Salesforce My List or Work Queues helps sales representatives finds who to contact next and predicts earlier which leads are likely to convert next.

Lightning Sales Console

The lightning Sales Console provides an intuitive and unified sales experience. Sales representatives now get everything they need to sell remotely faster all in one unified screen – from following up on prospects or leads and reviewing companies to identifying valuable contacts and more. The sales team can also able to track the progress of each deal.

Sales Cadence

Sales cadences are pre-built series of communication activities created for leads that meet particular criteria. Each sales cadence can include conditional processes and logic, protocols, and listening factors that make the communication process. Inside sales squads use these protocols to establish relationships with new leads to make them sales-ready. Sales representatives can include only contact, person, and lead in one active sales cadence at a time.

Einstein Lead Score

Einstein Lead Score is one of the key features of High Velocity Sales. It grades customers and leads of enterprises based on their response to calls, emails, messages, and other sales activities of enterprises. It uses machine learning to find and prioritize the healthy leads to convert. The qualified prospects are surfaced quickly to sales representatives via the High Velocity Sales Cloud.


Do you need a 6X improvement to your sales process? Contact us today and ask us about High velocity Sales


Email Integration

The lightning sales console provides sales representatives everything they need to sell Products or Services faster, all on one unified screen. It lets sales representatives identify the best leads to determine a convenient channel for communications, including call scripts, email templates, and more. Email integration with Gmail or Outlook to access the My List from the sidebar of the inbox.

Sales Dialer

A sales dialer removes the manual and time-consuming process of contacting prospects or dialing leads, and consumer phone numbers. The sales dialer features help to dial phone numbers automatically for sales reps. In which, sales representatives can focus on their interactions or conversations with those leads or prospects.


On average, most digital sales representatives achieve 6x times better sales than field sales representatives. Faster selling is guaranteed with the implementation of the High Velocity Sales application.

The entire sales process can be enhanced and improved to achieve success with the help of implementing High Velocity Sales.


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