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Pardot- Marketing Automation Tool Features

Pardot is a marketing automation solution offered by Salesforce. Pardot empowers marketing and sales teams to generate healthy pipelines and close more deals.

Pardot acts as a central hub for an enterprise to manage Lead generation, Prospecting and campaigning. It’s a B2B marketing automation tool that automates Omni channel processes and tasks for marketing. Enable enterprises to track Prospects across all the marketing channels.

Pardot- Marketing Automation

Features and Benefits of Pardot Marketing Automation Tool

lead generation

Lead Generation

Pardot is a feature-packed tool that comes with built-in editors. Help enterprises to build landing pages, custom forms and social content by using drag-and-drop features. Track return on investment of a campaign and also analyze the performance of keywords. Lead scoring is an important aspect of Lead generation.

Lead Scoring: Every instance a Customer, Lead or Prospect engages in any kind of activity on websites or channels of enterprises, Pardot tracks these activities. Pardot is used to associate a score every time it tracks these activities. The activity scoring is based on the type of activities that needs to be tracked by the business.

This allows for enterprises to establish the level of interest and engage with the Prospect or Lead to qualify them as Customers.

By scoring Prospect or Lead interaction, enterprises can identify which Prospect or Lead has higher possibilities of signing up for the services or products of a company. Prospect

Pardot allows enterprises to nurture Leads more effectively by following up lost Leads with targeted information

Pardot Engagement Studio allows companies to send emails automatically based on triggers, such as action taken on a landing page, time gaps, download, and other parameters.

Companies can set up a re-bond meeting to deal with cold Leads.

Engagement Studio - Workflow

One of the popular features of Pardot is Lead nurturing campaigns. It is useful and efficient for connecting Prospects with offers and content. Help the sales team to avoid wasting the time of converting Prospects who are not sales-ready. With the Pardot drag and drop interface, the enterprise can able to set up workflows with ease.

Pardot marketing automation tool helps the company to connect with Leads, Prospects and Customers through its Omni channel capabilities. Automation is a main feature of Pardot so that companies can send automated emails to targeted Prospects or Leads or Customers.

Email Marketing

The marketing automation process is far better than a simple email broadcast. With this marketing automation, enterprises can design and develop branded email content, test the email content through A/B Testing, preview their emails across multiple platforms and devices, test their emails across high-end SPAM filters and get advanced email reporting.

Email Editor: Pardot comes with a tool to build emails quickly with the visual editor. With out-of-the-box templates, responsive, custom design capabilities and with engagement studio, companies can able to send Branded, Responsive emails with the right content, at the right time.

Enterprises can build auto-responder emails for forms and landing pages, ensuring that Prospects get the information they want directly into their inbox.

Advanced Reporting: Enterprises can see how Prospects are connecting with the emails at every stage in the email campaign. Click-through rates, Open rates are some of the statistics that are available to provide advanced reporting insights. Reporting is also available to show how Prospects. Leads and Customers are interacting with multiple marketing channels.

Sales and marketing alignment

Pardot can be integrated with any CRM Platform including Salesforce, allowing sales and marketing teams to work united and get more conversions. Pardot being a Salesforce product connects natively with Salesforce and has a multitude of advantages when used with Salesforce.

It has an Activity-tracking feature that comes with the Pardot automation tool, which allows all the teams to see the activities of Prospects 24 X 7.

With the Pardot solution, It is easy to measure and track the performance of the campaign, draw valuable insights based on the information gathered, tie up segmented Leads back to marketing campaigns. Help companies to see sales opportunities that have been driven by marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence

Pardot has an artificial intelligence functionality that monitors data from both Pardot and Salesforce and offers actionable insights on customer engagement. The Lead scoring feature utilizes machine learning to score and highlight Leads based on conversion rates.

Pardot Einstein is an AI technology of Salesforce. Enterprises can use it to analyze data from Salesforce and Pardot.

Pardot Einstein can show automatically what kind of Prospect most often connects or engages with the marketing effort of a company in the form of insights and scores.

Pardot Lightning App Features

Pardot lightning app displays all the Prospects, visitors, contacts and Leads of a company into one place, so companies can see where needs additional involvement to improve the pipeline. The Pardot lightning app displays campaign functionality within the header of Pardot marketing.

With connected campaigns, enterprises can manage all the records of Prospects with a single dashboard. The engagement history lightning component helps companies to track website page visits, landing page submissions, forms, and interactions with emails.

Pardot lightning allows customizing the navigation bar so that enterprises can customize access or restrict access where required. This opens a multitude of options to Enterprises to customize the application to their requirement. Being a fully customizable SaaS platform, This allows enterprises to configure the platform for use by both Marketing and Sales teams.

What is Pardot Einstein?

Pardot Einstein is a combination of AI and Business intelligence-driven features that help both marketing and sales teams make data-driven decisions. It includes currently three features such as behaviour scoring, Lead scoring, and campaign insights.

Pardot Einstein Behavior Scoring

Lead scoring is another feature of Pardot Einstein, which helps to gather data of Salesforce Lead object. The Lead scoring analyzes historical information about fields on the Lead and tracks the lead behaviour.

Pardot Einstein Campaign Insights

Pardot Einstein campaign uses artificial learning to offer useful insights about the campaigns. Enterprises can get insights across all the campaigns. Help enterprises to drive three times more engagement.

Pardot Einstein helps enterprises to move sales and marketing efforts make efficient data-driven decisions. . Historically Sales and Marketing has relied on several factors involving Leads and Prospect behaviour to determine conversion timelines and reporting conversion metrics. Pardot Einstein helps businesses translate these into measurable metrics thereby enabling data-driven decision making possible.

Pardot Salesforce Integration Benefits for Enterprise Marketers

Personalized Customer experience

With Salesforce Pardot integration, salespeople can provide a personalized journey that Customers expect, with automated triggers, actions, and rules.

Code Free Campaign Asset Creation

Enterprise marketers can build elegant campaign assets with code free and hassle-free out-of-the-box templates and intuitive builders.

Turning sales data into marketing action

Salesperson of enterprise can trigger actions automatically from the Pardot marketing automation platform, Salesforce CRM or external applications.

Benefits of Salesforce Pardot Integration

Salespeople can reach the right Prospects early, engage notifications, tracks behaviour insights and send relevant emails based on the history of Customer engagement and information.

With Salesforce Pardot integration, salespeople can send responses actively to queries of Customers, or even send messages on other products or services, without creating any Customer disinterest or any delay.

If Pardot integration is enabled with Salesforce, enterprises can enable bidirectional sync of data, which means that when a customer or lead data is updated in the CRM System the same is made available in Pardot. This ensures that all the marketing and sales teams are seamlessly informed on record changes.

Pardot Salesforce integration process provides sales and marketing teams with necessary data about the actions of Prospects, improves Lead management, and results in efficient sales funnel. A smoother sales process is guaranteed with the support of Salesforce Pardot integration.

Pardot Salesforce integration helps enterprises to nurture Leads until they are sales-ready. This is one of the best features of integration of Salesforce Pardot. Help them prioritize sales outreach based on Lead activity data.

Pardot automates some common tasks such as tracking Customer behaviors, creating digital marketing campaigns, web form management, website tracking, search engine optimization, social marketing, landing page marketing, creating reports to track performances, Lead generation, and personalization of landing page content for the current visitors.


In this digitalized world, most enterprises have to adopt an intelligent platform for sales and marketing.

Pardot is a powerful and intelligent marketing automation tool, which connects sales and marketing teams, helps improve efficiency and productivity and at the same time reduce cost.

Pardot is a Salesforce product and can be used in conjunction with the Sales and Service clouds – thereby making it easy to integrate. Seamlessly working on a single dataset reduces errors and improves the revenue bottom line of the enterprise.


Do You want to Increase your revenue, ROI and efficiency of business processes ? Pardot customization will help you achieve it faster you just contact us to enjoy the benefits.



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