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Top Salesforce Editions Types, Benefits and Features

All the best benefits & features you need to know about Salesforce editions

If you want to know the many editions of Salesforce along with their features and benefits, you are in the right place. Salesforce redefined the software industry to make it available for anyone at fewer costs.  It is available in many editions for the use of small to big businesses with many benefits.  Salesforce remains the number one CRM solution provider for over two decades now.  It is why over 83% of the Fortune 500 companies use it to be among the many of its 200,000 potential users. If you want to be one among them, check out the many Salesforce editions to find the best for you to develop your business to new heights.

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Six Salesforce Editions

Salesforce specializes in CRM or customer relationship management to allow businesses for capitalizing cloud technology to better connect with customers and partners.  It is a SaaS or Software as a Service with a 30.2% market share, outsmarting its competitors with a wide margin and a YOY Growth of over 19%.

Salesforce started in 1999 in the last over two decades has come out with many editions.  Each edition is a set of Salesforce features wrapped together for companies like yours to choose the right one.   Following are the six editions available for you to choose the right one for improving customer relations to skyrocket your business.

Salesforce Editions

1. Essential Edition

It is one of the four fundamental primary editions which suits best for small businesses. It is a ready-to-go platform for managing and growing small businesses effectively.  You can leverage its easy-to-use user interface along with its other intuitive features to customize and start with their deployment.  Few of its features include:

  • Lead & ticket management
  • Automated routing & multi-channel communication
  • The customizable sales process with App exchange and many others
  • Email integration & full offline mobile functionality


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2. Professional Edition

Small and medium companies can use this professional edition specially designed with full-featured CRM functionality to administer the entire sales cycle conveniently.  The features include the following,  to cater to companies’ many demands to improve their business.

  • Comprehensive campaign, case & management
  • Custom dashboards & reports
  • Massive emails, process builders, quotes & orders

3. Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition is best for large businesses to automate complex business processes with workflow and approvals.  With many more management tools, advanced customization, and features added to the professional edition for integrating back-office systems effortlessly.  Few of its features include.

  • Unlimited processes, profiles, roles & flows per org
  • Salesforce APIs & Sales Console App
  • Territory management & lead registration
  • Workflows, Approvals & advanced report types

4. Unlimited Edition

Large businesses with over 1000 users need unlimited edition that offers premier support with countless online training and over a hundred admin services.  By subscribing to this edition you can build unlimited custom apps and tabs as per your business requirements. It offers additional levels of platform flexibility for managing and sharing on demand.  Also, the admins can access multiple sandboxes for developing and testing.  It has many comprehensive features that include.

  • Full mobile access & 24×7 support
  • Web Services API, Workflow & Approvals
  • Developer Pro Sandbox, unlimited customer apps & increased storage limits

5. Developer Edition

Apart from the above four primary editions, Salesforce has this developer edition for enabling developers to build modern and unique enterprise and mobile applications. Using this edition, developers can access Salesforce APIs and Lightning Platform and have the flexibility to integrate with other applications to develop new tools and applications.

6. Personal, Contact Management & Group editions

The three editions that Salesforce stopped selling are the personal, contact management and group editions.  The personal edition was for single users and individual sales representatives.  Group edition was for small business owners requiring fundamental CRM services.  Contact manager edition was for SMEs for providing access to contact management characteristics. There is also a performance edition from Salesforce to drive development, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.
The above information about the many Salesforce editions will make the daunting task of choosing the right one for your business easy. Apart from the above Salesforce offers multiple products covering the entire spectrum of running an enterprise organization.


For more information to use the best edition per your requirement, contact our consultants as we are the licensed experts for years of the world’s number one CRM solutions provider, Salesforce.



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