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Salesforce Data Migration Process & Best Practices

In Salesforce Data Migration to pardot achieved in two ways. Data export from salesforce and Import into pardot will create new prospect records in Pardot. Another way is pardot connector setting enables automatically to create prospects in pardot if they are created as lead or contact in salesforce. After lead or contact created in salesforce, automatically creates a prospect in pardot. When syncing prospects, changes to prospect records are pushed to Salesforce, and information from Salesforce records is pulled into the corresponding Pardot prospect records. Syncing occurs every 2–4 minutes. (21)

Import Prospect

Once we’ve connected Salesforce and Pardot, we can import existing leads and contacts into Pardot. Once the import finishes, Pardot syncs the new prospect record with the existing Salesforce lead or contact record, and any future updates sync automatically.


Considerations for Pardot Prospect

  • The size of the import file can be up 100 MB.
  • Import files are available for at least 60 days.
  • Import dates in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • If your import file has a new email address or CRM ID, Pardot creates a prospect.
  • Pardot imports the rows from top to bottom.

If possible, import by CRM ID to guarantee that new prospects are linked to corresponding Salesforce leads, contacts, or person accounts. Import by email address only when it’s not possible to include CRM ID with your imports.

Automatically create prospects in Pardot if they’re created in Salesforce

Pardot creates a prospect when a lead or contact with an email address that isn’t already associated with a prospect is created in Salesforce. An email address is required on the lead or contact record to sync to Pardot.

This setting isn’t retroactive and creates prospects only for those leads and contacts created after this setting has been enabled.


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Prospects that come into Pardot via import, form submission, or other method, are processed and synced to Salesforce by email address and CRM ID. Pardot uses this decision tree to route the record.

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What objects sync

After you establish Pardot’s visibility into Salesforce through the lens of your connector user, you can start to understand how visible objects sync. Sync behavior varies from object to object. Leads, Contacts, and Person Accounts Leads, contact, and person accounts sync bi-directionally with Pardot prospects. That means Pardot can create, read, and update lead, contact, and person account records. Pardot uses CRM ID as the records’ unique identifier, and an email address is always required for syncing.

In most cases, you can edit Pardot’s field-specific sync behavior for lead, contact, and person account fields. In the event of a data conflict between Pardot and Salesforce, you can choose which system’s data should be the source of truth: Pardot, Salesforce, or the record that was most recently updated.

Depending on your connector settings, you can automatically create new prospects in Pardot whenever leads, contacts, or person accounts are added to Salesforce.

Note: Sync behavior for some fields is not editable. For example, Pardot will always be the master for Pardot-specific information and Salesforce will always be the master for record owner (also called assigned user in Pardot).

What triggers a sync

Pardot syncs with Salesforce whenever certain prospect, user, or system activities occur.

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Records sync every 2 – 4 minutes. Most records sync immediately, but Pardot processes sync queues with over 400 records in batch. Standard batch processing syncs 12.000 records per hour.

What Causes a Prospect to Sync from Salesforce to Pardot?

  • Activities that update the Last Modified timestamp triggers a sync to Pardot for existing prospects
  • Updating a lead or contact email address
  • Updating the assigned user (owner) for the lead or contact record
  • Making field changes to a lead or contact record
  • Updating a related account record in Salesforce for a lead or contact who is associated to a Pardot prospect.


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