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Overview of Marketing Cloud – Advertising Studio

Marketing Cloud is one of the products of Salesforce, which is specially designed for young, smart marketers. Deliver personalized, and relevant journeys across devices and channels – enable enterprises to deliver the right messages at the right time. Allow enterprise’s marketers to manage and create marketing relationships.


Advertising Studio is one of the seven products of the marketing cloud. Advertising Studio integrates digital advertisements with enterprise’s CRM and marketing data to build smarter customer experiences. Use marketing cloud advertising studio to manage mobile, sales, social, and customer service campaigns. Help re-engage inactive users, find new prospects, and succeed with modern advertising. Advertising studio is making high-impact in business growth as well.

Features of Salesforce Advertising Studio

Some of the main features of Advertising Studio are

  • Lead Generation
  • Data Collection
  • Omni-channel
  • data activation
  • Audience targeting
  • Email alignment
  • Lead automation
  • Prospect segmentation
  • Channel integration
  • One-to-one advertising
  • Data privacy
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Cross-channel campaigns
  • Ad suppression
  • Lead Scoring
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Importance of Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio

  • Advertising cloud helps improve email marketing campaigns
  • Enhance customer’s journey or experience with the journey builder
  • Allow enterprises to capture leads from sources based customer profiles.

Benefits of Salesforce Advertising Studio

Common benefits of advertising studio are

  • Engagement of non-active customers
  • Send leads from socials to Salesforce
  • Find new customers
  • Improved data security
  • Access any data across entire Salesforce platforms
  • Reach audiences at scale
  • Align advertising and email campaigns

Applications Included in Advertising Studio

The Salesforce Advertising Studio comes with three applications such as journey builder advertising, advertising audience, and lead capture.

Journey Builder Advertising

With Salesforce journey builder advertising, organizations can build cross-platform journeys that integrate mobile, email, Facebook, and social advertising.

Advertising Audience

Advertising audience means targeted customers. Enterprise can use advertising audiences in Ad studio to activate Salesforce CRM for targeting. This application helps them identify look-alike leads based on demographics.

Lead Capture

Lead capture is one of the applications of Advertising studio. It connects enterprise’s social advertising leads with marketing cloud data extensions in real-time.


Salesforce Advertising Studio has been the heart of marketing in the marketing cloud. It can reduce the cost of awareness and advertising in drastic ways. This is highly suitable for high-end marketers. With a marketing cloud-advertising studio, businesses can make data-driven and beneficial decisions. 


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