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Salesforce Staff Augmentation Model – Necessities and Benefits

Salesforce Implementation and Management is a complete team effort. Whether it’s a simple implementation, app building, process automation, or bringing the experienced and certified business unit to speed up Salesforce processes, enterprises need to pool in support of staff from multiple departments to ensure realizing the business vision. Businesses using Salesforce augmentation service to reap the measured benefits by ensuring guaranteed success in rolling out and adopting Salesforce.


Staff augmentation is a popular and risk-free model that helps enterprises to hire Salesforce certified administrators, developers, analysts and architects quickly with peace of mind. A reputed Salesforce partner that also does staff augmentation has a skilled, experienced, and focused talent pool. Thereby helping enterprises lean on them for Salesforce projects of any size or complexity.

Why Salesforce staff Augmentation Model?

Most Salesforce projects involve Innovation and Digital Transformation. When involved in such projects, Organizations lookout to a few models –

  • In-house Augmentation: Reassign in-house staff to Salesforce project
  • BOT – Build Operate and Transfer: Signing up with a partner to build, operate and transfer management and maintenance to in-house teams
  • Build, Manage, Train: Signing up with a partner to Build, Manage and train in-house teams to manage and maintain Salesforce

While the above models are time tested, organizations have found over time that all of the above three involves multiple challenges like

  • knowledge drain
  • Continuous dependencies on external agencies for support
  • High attrition of in-house staff
  • Low adoption and Partial transitioning
  • Low-value realization due to lack of adoption
  • Unable to keep up with the speed of platform growth
  • Mismanagement of app economy
  • Unable to keep up with business demands for new apps

The above is logically leading companies to adopt a new model of Staff Augmentation – or in other words, establishing an external team that works as an extended arm of the internal teams – Providing support, management, maintenance and consulting on the implemented platform.


Find Expertise at the right time 

Have a readily available talent pool of certified resources on call and demand. Salesforce requires multiple pillars of knowledge clubbed with the right experience to ensure realizing the business vision in a timely fashion.

The staff augmentation agencies have talent pools. It makes way for enterprises to get the right expertise at the right time at the right cost.


Are you one of those customers that did not foresee the cost of maintaining Salesforce? Get in touch today and we will help you reduce up to 40% YOY on maintenance costs.


Affordable Compared to Direct Hiring Process

Do not waste time headhunting and go down the path of interviews, background checking, negotiation and onboarding.

Hiring a full-time resource or contracting a part-time resource, both have their perils since Salesforce implementation involves intricate knowledge, which is required to further improve or maintain the platform into the future. 

Successful businesses bank on Staff Augmentation by a registered Salesforce partner to offset all of the above perils and ensure guaranteed success. 

That is more than one reason why Businesses are embracing staff augmentation from registered Salesforce partners as a cost-effective guaranteed delivery model. 

24/7 Resource Availability 

A Registered Salesforce partner offering staff augmentation provides 24/7 service and support. This helps industries to manage workloads at any time, any time zone they need.

Certified and experienced resource availability is one of the popular features of the staff augmentation model. Enterprises get the right candidate at the right time and pay just for the time they use the services without pilferage of time and effort.

Simpler cost model 

The staff augmentation agencies allow enterprises to hire experts at a fixed hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rate according to needs. It is comparatively better than the permanent hiring model. Commercial reasons drive most companies to choose this model to manage any Salesforce project within a given time frame.

When enterprises have low expertise in Salesforce technology, they need external support to guide the projects. Salesforce staffing model helps them extend the existing team’s agility without increasing the overall budget.

Advantages of Choosing Salesforce Staff Augmentation

In recent years, most companies look for staffing agencies to hire short-term talents as extended employees. They can assist in the success of their projects. The Salesforce staff augmentation model provides many benefits to all sizes of industries that use Salesforce.  

Apart from cost reduction – One of the major advantages of choosing Staff Augmentation from a registered Salesforce partner is that it ensures “Shadow Resources” as a backup plan in case of attrition. This saves a lot of time and effort when executing an innovative project. 

Shadow resources also ensure no loss of knowledge and have zero transition time. 

This is a key Business Continuity plan that comes at no charge..!! 

The other key advantage is that When a company embraces the Salesforce staff augmentation model, the company pays the agency rather than the employee payroll. This has a significant advantage in accounting the bills and reduction of overheads of managing the staff for the business. 

Hire talent quickly 

For a standard Salesforce project, organizations may require resources with multiple skill sets. This is very evident from the multiple modules and zillions of apps and the different technology stacks used within Salesforce.

Organizations usually end up hiring more than one resource type to complete the project, sometimes this comes in as a rude shock halfway into a project.

In the current human resource landscape, it is a challenge to find the right resource at the right time – let alone when commencing a project that would involve many different types of resources.

By choosing Salesforce staff augmentation from a registered partner, Organizations find that the required skilled resources are allocated exactly at the time they are required and are billed only for the time they spend in the project. . Staff augmentation can be an exceptional way to solve the most challenging problem when embarking on a Salesforce project.

Access the talent pool with experience

Highly skilled resources can cost a lot. Salesforce projects are resource-intensive and may require certified and skilled resources to provide the best advice to the customer at the time of need.

Hiring resources for such projects can become a complicated exercise as there are no fall-back plans for such recruitments. Several projects were stalled or slowed down significantly due to the choice of bad resources or resources abandoning projects halfway through.

With a Salesforce staff augmentation through a registered Salesforce partner, companies can access the experienced, certified talent to add to the existing teams.

Ongoing maintenance and Support 

Staff augmentation helps organizations have an extended team of experts that manage and maintain the Salesforce instance. This additional service and support ensure continued use of the platform and continuous enhancement.


There is more than one reason why enterprises are embracing this model. The advantages are evident and there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


Are you realizing Salesforce maintenance and management is expensive? Speak to us we will help reduce the cost of maintenance.



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