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Insight of Black Box Testing and Technique | Software Testing


Whenever the software is developed by the developing team the developed software is tested by the testing team by the specific organization. The testing can be differed by two types of testing where one is White box testing and other one is Black box testing. In White box testing is the method where the software is tested by using code and Black box testing is the method where the software is tested by the knowledge of the document and knowledge of coding is not necessary. How does the Black box tester do the software testing without coding knowledge? The following question can be well answered here in the detailed below.

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Black box testing

Black box testing is a method of software testing in which the tester is unaware of the internal structure or code of the software where only the exterior functions checks and no code checking involved. There is no bothering about the interior functionality of how the system is performing. We need to focus on what will be the input and what will be the output. There will be no idea what is going on behind the system.

The method of test can be applied to each level of testing such as Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and Acceptance testing.

It is also known as specifications-based testing. Independent testing teams usually perform this type of testing during the Software testing life cycle.


Examine the requirements and specifications of the system thoroughly. Then the tester understands the requirements of how the process to work and explores the system’s UI and functionality. In the next stage, the tester will efficiency of the software by giving input and getting the corresponding output.


  • QTP
  • Selenium
  • Loadrunner
  • Jmeter


  • Business Acceptance Testing- Tests that are based on requirements scenarios written by business users.
  • Performance Testing- Tests to see how the application performs like speed, response time, cpu usage and memory.
  • Penetration Testing- A person with hacking knowledge and has the authentication to perform the test to access the system or to down the system.


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There are n-number of techniques applied in the black box testing:

  • Syntax Driven Testing:

    This type of testing applied to the system that can be syntactically represented by some language. Verifying the given input is syntax correct or not and no bother about how the syntax will impact logically.

  • Equivalence Partitioning:

    Groups the similar kind of a program into one group and then perform the testing over there. The idea is to partition the input domain of the system into a number of Equivalence classes, such that each member of a class works in a similar way. Once we identify any kind of error on the group of programs, we just realize all the similar kinds of programs will face the same issues because of grouping the similar kind of programs into one group already.

  • Boundary Value Analysis:
    Whenever we test any software, the boundaries have to be focused in every key process. When entering a value between any range, first we have to check the first value and then to check the last value to conform the boundary working fine. Boundaries are very good places for error detection. The efficiency of testing improves and probability of finding errors also increases if test cases are designed for boundary values of input domain.
  • Cause Effect Graphing:
    This technique actually identifies the cause of the particular problem the identified the error will have a cause, corresponding actions for that cause is the effect. Finding the cause and the effect and finally map in the graph which can be a boolean graph.
  • Requirement Based Testing:
    Collects the requirements from the customer and just builds up the project based on the customer requirement. Need to ensure whether the proper requirements collected from the customer, whether we are building the same product or not, that kind of evaluation is performed over here. Validating the requirements given in the SRS document.
  • Compatibility Testing:
    When we design a website in a laptop for some better resolution and to run the website in any kind of devices like mobile, tablet, different size of laptop the effect should adjust the own size and quality based on the devices using. Whether it performed or not or showing some incompatibility error or unable to use features in a very efficient manner, these kinds of testing done here. Feeding the program and testing with different devices and size and varieties and checking all the functionalities perform well or not. If any deviation in the quality on any different devices, then we have to record the results and to work on it.
  • Error Guessing:
    It is just like a tester guesses the bugs and reports from their own application, knowledge of the application, results from previous life cycles, customer issues, with previous release and risk reports.


  • Deep knowledge of code is not required to execute a test.
  • Testing can start once the project is developed.
  • Tests done from the user’s point of view.


  • Takes more time and cost.
  • Difficult to design test cases for complex projects.
  • Possibilities to miss any module in the project.


Black box testing is a productive testing approach for applications, software that ensures the qualities of the intended functionality from the user’s perspective.


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