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Lightning Aura Components and Functionalities of Aura Component

Salesforce uses the lightning aura component framework as a UI framework for developing web applications for mobile and desktop devices. A framework is nothing but a collection of codes and services that have been already built to create new custom applications and to help the developers to save the time from creating the code from the scratch. Components that come with the Lightning Design System styling are available in the lightning namespace. You can build lightning component using two program models Aura and LWC (Lightning Web Components). LWC and Aura can also coexist on a single page. We can use HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT in this lightning architecture. (34)

Some of the popular web application frameworks are

  • AngularJS
  • Django
  • Ruby on Rails

Anatomy of an Aura Component

Multiple components are included in a single application.
Each component bundle behaves individually.

aura image1


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Aura Components

Salesforce Lightning components bundle uses the architecture for single-page use. Single Page applications are web applications that use a single HTML file and dynamically change when the user interacts with the website. This framework supports both client-side controllers and server-side controllers.

The components that present while creating a lightning aura application bundle are

aura image2
aura image3

Application or component

To configure the component layout a markup language is used.
The only required resource in a bundle. Contains markup for the component or app. Each bundle contains only one component or app resource.


Two controllers are used for handling, Java script for client- side processing or Apex for server-side processing.


JavaScript functions that can be called from any JavaScript code in a component’s bundle.


Contains styles for the component.

Documentation File

A file is provided for document reference or sample code who ever received your components.


Client-side renderer to override default rendering for a component.

SVG File

Custom icon resource for components used in the Lightning App Builder or Experience Builder.


Events are fired from JavaScript controller that are typically triggered when a user is interacting with the user interface. There are two types of events in the framework

  • Component events are handled by the component itself or a component that contains the component.
  • Application events are handled by all components that are listening to the event. These events are essentially a traditional publish-subscribe model.

Functionalities of Lightning Aura

  • In Aura framework, JavaScript is used on the client side and Apex is used on the server side.
  • Controllers specify the functionality of all the components in operation.
  • We can create aura components by using Developer console and by Salesforce CLI.
  • Aura and LWC can communicate using Public API’s and Events.
  • Lightning Web Components can be embedded inside the Aura Components.


Salesforce preferred lightning for better performance. We used Visualforce framework for salesforce classic. Though Aura components are used widely, currently LWC are the upgraded version because of its smooth functionality and effective performance over Lightning Aura Components.


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