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Tableau Vs Tableau CRM- which one is more powerful

In the past, making the right business decision has been the biggest challenge for many businesses. Organizations need accurate and meaningful data to take necessary business decisions accurately, timely and effortlessly.

Tableau is a robust and growing data visualization product, which is very popular in business intelligence industries. This tool helps simplify raw data into an easily understandable format. Tableau makes the data readable by all the experts in the industry. Tableau CRM was formerly known as Einstein Analytics. It’s a self-service business intelligence and data visualization platform that works to integrate Salesforce data with third-party or external data. This one comes with the capabilities of powerful data analysis.


Tableau CRM is also a part of Tableau, which is not a competitive or alternative tool for Tableau.

Tableau CRM Benefits and Key Factors

Tableau CRM is a responsive business productivity solution equipped with sophisticated customer and business analytics capabilities. Tableau CRM offers multiple benefits that all work together to business growth and effective customer management. Salesforce Tableau CRM helps organizations to oversee the data of organizations effortlessly.

  • Improved analysis and data visualization
  • Exceptional Analytical Capabilities
  • Seamless Blending of Data
  • Improving organization coordination and knowledge sharing
  • High-end Clarity for Making informed decisions
  • Detecting and Tapping all untapped opportunities
  • Comprehensive Insights

Improved Analysis and Data Visualization

Tableau CRM can integrate with any type of third-party platform, including Salesforce, and other CRMs. Allow non-tech users to easily understand the important insights very quickly. The sales team can get a detailed visual analysis of each phase of sales flow. Decision-making skills will be improved a lot at each vital point. When the sales teams have complete insights into customers, services, products and processes, the sales team can close the sales successfully.

Exceptional Analytical Capabilities

Limited technical knowledge is one of the biggest hurdles in data utilization. Tableau CRM reduces the concern of the sales team with its easy analytics features, intuitive interface, and other features.

Seamless Blending of Data

Combine the information or data from different sources and customize them into one unified data set. Seamless blending of data helps sales and marketing teams to get desired data at any time. It aggregates data from anywhere without any issues.

Improving Organization coordination knowledge sharing

Tableau CRM does not have any restriction on data handling. It establishes seamless information sharing across various sections of the enterprise. Tableau creates a series of connections between sections like finance, operations, and others. The productivity of the organization will be improved through the enhancement of team coordination.

High-end Clarity for Making Informed Decisions

Data visualization delivers more clarity over data. The role of Tableau CRM is to provide data insights to all the users. With 360-degree data insights, users can make informed decisions regarding business, sales, marketing, and other customer service objectives. Integration of Salesforce Tableau improves the communication of in-house teams. They can find new and beneficial trends by understanding the important phases of the sales activities.

Detecting and Tapping all the untapped opportunities

Tableau CRM improves the decision-making capabilities, monitoring capabilities, and tracking untapped growth opportunities. A single interface lets organizations compare data and decide the next steps that need to be taken accordingly. Time and effort will be saved a lot through the Tableau data visualization tool.

Comprehensive Insights

With Tableau, enterprises can get complete insights from complicated reporting data and dashboard of the Salesforce. Tableau can bring data from any source so enterprises can travel towards growth certainly.

Key Benefits of Tableau

Businesses get more business benefits through Tableau solutions. Let’s see some advantages of Tableau are

  • High Performance
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Extensive Customer Resources
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Quality Customer Service

High Performance

Tableau’s overall performance is rated very higher, secure, and stronger. This one can manage millions of data effortlessly. The huge benefit of having this tool is various types of data visualization can be created in a single shot.


Tableau platform is designed with responsiveness so organizations can access it through both desktops and mobile devices.

Extensive Customer Resources

The tableau community is young and enthusiastic and engaging. It comes with different web sources such as online forums, guides, training, and more.

Periodic Upgrades

Tableau takes all efforts to keep itself current with periodic upgrades. Upgrading Tableau is usually straightforward, unless otherwise there are any local customizations implemented.

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Quality Customer Service

Tableau has established an active developer and user community where enterprises and customers can discuss challenges and get solutions.


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