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Lightning Web Component Structure Benefit


             Lightning Web Component  is a novel programming model. It’s a custom and development wise easy framework. It’s the common Web Standards and a Thin Layer of Specialized services to make a Modern Rich UI Implementations in Salesforce. This thin layer provides the following services

    1.Base Lightning Components,
    2.Lightning Data Service and
    3.User Interface API (43)

Lightning Web Component Structure

Lightning Web Component like an AURA component. The main contents are HTML and Java script. CSS is an optional component and XML file are included which defines the metadata values for the component.


The Strength of lightning component is templating system. Which uses the virtual DOM to render components

Has a root tag contains your component’s HTML.

lwc image1

Java Script

Each lightning Web Component should have a JavaScript file.
To Export Statement used to allow the other codes functionality and uses import statement using import functionality.
Lightning Element is a custom wrapper of the standard HTML element and we extend it in the component.

lwc image2


 XML files defines the metadata configuration values for the component Eg- Components Label – Availability, Configuration Attributes, Builder Attributes

lwc image3


CSS is a style component using designing purpose. it’s an optional component

Benefits of Lighting Web Component

Improve the page speed and loading performance

Make the app/page mobile responsive and Ease of development for large scale apps.

A common model and transferable skills. (Any web developer working on modern JS frameworks could easily ramp-up LWC). Interoperable components.

Renewable- Imports, Exports and Templates allow developers to reuse components.


Salesforce introduced LWC as a faster way of programming applications. That’s the pretty of the Salesforce platform. As you look to optimize the user experience and turn out a faster web page, Lightning Web Components should definitely be front of mind.


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