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Complete Package of Partner Service Collaboration

Salesforce is the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) solution in the world today. Salesforce CRM helps to enhance and streamline information sharing and communication across the business platforms.

Partner service collaboration of Salesforce was launched with the highest vision of providing access to seamless collaboration and communication. It allows enterprises and partners to share information and also collaborate in real-time. Partner service community helps sales teams and resellers to get the information to complete their tasks effectively. Enterprises could keep partners informed of product and company updates in real-time.  Partner service collaboration also acts as a community channel management tool.

Complete Package of Partner Service Collaboration

Features of Salesforce Partner Service

Partner service communities have included high-end features that help businesses and their partners to interact and share data across the community. Communication is key for active collaboration between enterprises and partners, sales executives, and employees of any successful organization.

All in one place Analytics

Salesforce service cloud and community cloud comes with powerful data analytics. Help to get insights of sales and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the inner working of the business. Partner service communities allow enterprises to see what opportunities and deals are happening, so enterprises can have accurate data of what’s happening around the business.

Secure Information Sharing

Salesforce partner service collaboration also accounts for the secure and sensitive nature of the enterprise’s data, which means the enterprise can control the accessibility of partners.  Community space of partner service enables enterprises to communicate directly within the group. It acts faster and secure.

Improved Partner Relations

Patchy communication causes inefficiency and is the cause of most problems between enterprises and partners. Data protection and continuous data audit trails are some of the great features of the partner service collaboration platform.

Partner service collaboration is a part of the community cloud and seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce service cloud offering.


All the business partners, sales team, developers, and other staff need to be connected with one unified system. Salesforce service cloud provides all the support businesses want. Are you want to implement our Salesforce service cloud module? click here to get what you want



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