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Common Mistakes Made During Implementation of Salesforce

Salesforce is an organized, powerful, and #1 cloud-based CRM that provides support for marketing, sales and customer services for businesses of all sizes. However, Salesforce implementation must follow the best practices to streamline the business processes with Salesforce features.

The process of implementing Salesforce can be challenging many times. If users do not plan well for Salesforce implementation, it will result in management and maintenance issues and will result in expensive fixes and re-do.

Implementation of Salesforce

There are many common mistakes that enterprises commit while implementing Salesforce. These can be eliminated by partnering with an experienced Salesforce certified consultant or agency.


Underestimating Salesforce Implementation effort

Be it a small-medium or a large enterprise, It is imperative to have a clear goal and vision to implement an effective Salesforce solution.

Enterprises must understand what problems need to be solved and what areas of business needs to work better, and what needs to be accomplished to help them stay on track and top of their business.

Team of Salesforce professionals can help organizations build and customize Salesforce to regulate processes and workflows for getting better outcomes.

Salesforce offers multiple features – it needs to be understood that it’s not the features that make up this platform, but the “customer success” this should deliver.

Not prioritizing data clean up

Salesforce implementation teams often focus on brand new features, mostly leaving integration and data clean up as low-priority activities. In reality, this might cause delays during the process of implementation.

The inclusion of dirty data will lead to incorrect insights and forecasts. This will create inefficiencies in the sales process and eventually contribute to an underperforming sales team.

However, working with a Salesforce expert can ensure data clean-up and data auditing is addressed right before Salesforce implementation to achieve the expected results.

Lack of Training

Successful Salesforce implementation depends on adequate user adoption. It is a well-known fact that Salesforce is a powerful platform, but users can’t capitalize on the features if users don’t know how to use the system efficiently. Users need a good understanding of Salesforce features.

Partial Salesforce knowledge is as good as no knowledge. This will result in underutilizing the platform. Learning successful techniques will lead to satisfaction and rewards.

Not having a post Salesforce implementation procedure

This is a common Salesforce implementation mistake that delays an enterprise’s success. Enterprises tend to think that when this solution is implemented, it would take care of itself automatically.

However, post-implementation maintenance and management are crucial for the long-term stability and success of the platform.

Enterprise needs to allocate a budget and plan the post-implementation activities. Consistent maintenance and upkeep of the platform will enhance benefits many folds, it would also ensure continued improvement in ROI.

Most enterprises appoint an admin who monitors and manages the platform going forward and ensures that data remains clean.


Organizations must avoid the most common Salesforce implementation mistakes to ensure optimal usage of Salesforce features. Many enterprises tend to learn of this quite late in their journey of using the Salesforce platform. Hiring a Salesforce partner with the right expertise helps optimize and enhance Salesforce solutions successfully.


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