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The Key Stages of Cloud Migration Technology

Old style and traditional data management solutions are now out of the track thoroughly, and also no one wants to embrace traditional data management platforms at even for zero cost. Cloud migration technology has become a hot topic for all sizes of businesses. This technology ensures improved efficiency and customer experience effortlessly.

Companies that have migrated to the cloud solution obtain agility and a ruthless benefit over rivals. Whatever, moving a company’s physical data, documents, and applications to the cloud won’t be an easy task, and there they need more effort and techniques.

Cloud Migration

Benefits of Cloud Data Management

If organizations embrace cloud-based data management, they can claim more benefits.

  • Data Governance Controls
  • Value-added Security Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Faster Query Performance
  • Built-in Upgrades of Product
  • Elasticity
  • Scalability
  • Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery and Automated Backup
  • Lower Costs

The Key Advantages of cloud migration

Organizations transfer data and workload to the cloud for a variety of concerns. Cloud migration requires ample preparations, careful planning, and clear-cut processes. In recent months, all growing organizations have been migrating their entire data and services to the cloud that encourages digital workplaces like remote working. Cloud migration offers a lot of unimaginable benefits to all companies.

  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • Ability to innovate rapidly
  • Easing of increasing resource demands
  • Better handling of increased consumer expectations
  • Reduction in costs
  • Provide immediate business results
  • Simplify IT
  • Shift to everything as a service
  • Better consumption management
  • Cloud scalability
  • Improved performance

When it comes to the cloud migration process, an enterprise must consider two things. The first one to consider is the deployment platform – private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud. The second one is the service type. Will it be Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, or Infrastructure as a Service?

Cloud Migration Strategies

There are three main cloud migration strategies that organizations can use when improving their standards.

Cloud Migration Strategies

Re-host (lift and shift)

The lift and shift is the first cloud migration strategy, this is also referred to as rehosting. This is where the company shifts data from an on-premises host to the infrastructure as a service platform.


This is a modified version of lift and shift. Companies can move any form of application to the cloud platform without any changes.


Re-factor is also a type of cloud migration strategy. It modifies data or applications to better support the cloud platform.

What are the cloud migration challenges?

Anticipating potential problems is an important part of cloud migration strategy. Let’s discuss some common challenges of cloud migration faced by the company.

Cloud migration can deliver cost-saving benefits, but companies feel tricky to determine the cost of cloud. They need proper planning and cost optimization techniques to tackle cost issues of cloud migrating.

Most companies choose the public cloud where companies can store and manage data easier, but the way of moving data to the cloud won’t be easier at all. Some hard applications are not easy to put into the cloud. Companies should evaluate and decide what to keep, what to rebuild, and what to worth repurchasing. Putting huge amounts of data and applications into the cloud will take more time.


The journey of cloud migration is seriously a tough one where companies need awareness and talents to keep themselves away from unwanted challenges they face during migration. If companies have done the migration process successfully, they can get a lot more benefits certainly.


Do you need third-party support for migrating your data to cloud? We’re here to help you. Click here to speak with our experts and get solution for troubles you’re facing in cloud migration.



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