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Salesforce Communities and its Benefits

Salesforce CRM helps all sizes of businesses organize, connect, and collaborate with clients, customers and partners.

Salesforce also helps enterprises give top-class customer experience and cultivate brand loyalty among their customers, Salesforce communities specifically help them address and achieve this goal.

Salesforce Communities

Communication makes a big difference in bonding between enterprises and customers. Salesforce communities can be developed within the customer relationship management platform, offering a streamlined way to share information and insight with customers and experts within customer communities.

The different types of communities supported by Salesforce are customer community, employee community, partner community.


Uses of Salesforce Community

Accessible and seamless customer support helps organizations retain customers. Salesforce community creates a transparent, digital and cloud-based space that helps communicate, interact and share information. Salesforce community space fulfils the needs of customers and helps them engage with business and access relevant data when necessary.

  • Customers have access to relevant data they require in Salesforce self-service community. Community cloud leverages data so enterprises can share information with customers. When a customer accesses the Salesforce community, this allows customers to connect with other users of the organization’s products and services. This inculcates transparency and enhances trust and acts as a medium to cultivate loyalty.
  • The creation of the Salesforce community can help businesses stand tall among the competition. Enterprises and customers use community platforms for voting, chatting, generate ideas and opinions.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction is one of the best benefits of Salesforce communities.
  • Salesforce customer communities work as self-service portals that provide FAQs, articles, and discussion pages relevant to the services or products of enterprises.
  • In the digital age, enterprises look at the Salesforce platform more than any other CRM tool because of its scalability and flexibility.

Customer support is one of the important pillars of Customer Relationship Management. Enterprises looking for a single platform to help extend across all channels and all service areas need not look for anything other than the #1 CRM Platform today and that is Salesforce.


Do you have streamlined communications of your business to your customers? Have you tried customer community?  Click here to have a tailor-made demonstration for your business.



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