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Email Preference Page

What is Email Preference Page?

An email preference center is a tool that helps you establish a healthy communication cadence with your subscribers. It provides an easy way for your subscribers to manage their email by giving them a centralized portal to control what they receive and how often they receive your emails.

Why we need an Email Preference Page in Pardot?

We need email preference page in Pardot because of these reasons.

  • Deflecting unsubscribes: giving the prospect a choice to opt-out of a topic, rather than ‘all-or-nothing’ global unsubscribe.
  • Transparency: prospects can see what lists they are a part of, helping you adhere to matters such as GDPR.
  • Improving your email metrics: prospects receiving what they want to hear about should equate to more engagement. Higher engagement on smaller send lists both positively swing email metrics such as click-through-rate.
  • Gathering Intel: if a prospect opts-in for a specific topic, it can help drive conversations that the sales team have, and make your email content more ‘sticky’.


  • Prospects can opt-in or out of a static public list.
  • Prospects cannot add themselves to dynamic lists, but they can opt-out. When a prospect opts out of a dynamic list, they aren’t removed from the list, but they don’t receive emails sent to the dynamic list.
  • When a prospect updates the email preference center page, the system modifies the list memberships for all prospects in your account who use that email address

 How Prospect Access The Email Preference Center?

In times gone by, prospects were able to use the Pardot Email Preference Center more loosely*; nowadays, however, it’s a different story.

In light of GDPR, and overall tightened security and data integrity, Pardot locked down EPCs to:

  • Only be accessed by a prospect using a link in a Pardot email
  • Mask the email address field eg. l***@s*****.com
  • Make the email address field uneditable

What is public List? How do they work?

  • Public lists (as the name suggests) are Pardot lists that can be made visible to prospects.
  • Creating Public Lists in Pardot is simple. Just like creating any list, go to Automations → Segmentation Lists → + Add List.
  • Check the ‘Public List’ checkbox, and additional options will appear. Warning – the Label and Description are both public-facing (so keep this appropriate) and should be appealing enough to convince prospects to stay on that list (while remaining truthful, not over-promising!). The list ‘Name’ is internal-facing.

Why would u make Public List Dynamic?

  • Make preference management more streamlined, eg. if they indicate product interest on a lead capture form, would sync them automatically to the product-specific list.
  • Restrict list visibility only those eligible prospects – Dynamic Public lists will be hidden from any prospects, not on the lists (only prospects on the Lists can see the Lists).
Prospect StateStatic ListDynamic List
Opt-inThe prospect has actively opted-in.Opt-inThe prospect has actively opted-in.Opt-inThe prospect has actively opted-in.
Emailswill receive emails to listwill receive emails to list
Neutral The prospect has neither opted-in nor opted-out.NoneAdded to the list automatically(if the prospect meets the list criteria)NB: only prospects on the lists can see the lists
Emailswill receive emails to listwill receive emails to list
Opt-outRemoved from the list through:- Prospect de-selection from EPC- Automation Rules- Manual user actionWill remain a member of the list.


will not receive emails to list

will not receive emails to list

Emailswill receive emails to listwill receive emails to list

Benefits of Email Preference center in Pardot:

  • Prevents prospect’s from unsubscribing from your entire database
  • Reduces spam complaints
  • Allows prospects to choose what they want to hear from you and how frequently
  • Helps segment your database


     EPC -Email Preference Center

      GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation.


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