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Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

Salesforce CRM is a comprehensive platform that covers all the necessary business processes. It improves relationships that enterprises maintain with partners, customers …

Gathering User Requirements

In these digital ages, many large organizations use Salesforce CRM to handle both internal and external activities. Salesforce solution development is a …

Requirement Gathering Process

Salesforce CRM is one of the most powerful tools used by top most enterprises. It allows them to store, retrieve, sort, gathers, …

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with Salesforce

Salesforce is a top rank CRM, and a service cloud (Help Desk). Open CTI is a term that refers to modern technology that enables …

Social Customer Service

Social customer service is a unique feature of the Salesforce service cloud. This connected service module creates and handles cases on social media …

Salesforce Community Answers and Ideas

Customers use the website of enterprises to learn more about the products and services provided by enterprises. To assist customers, enterprises use a …

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