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Tableau Solution


Created Self service dashboards. Automated repetitive manual reports. Improved productivity by 52%



The Customer is a multinational customer advisory service based out of Melbourne. Involved in Brand Strategy, Creatives, Surveys, Customer experience designing, optimization and related analytics.


The customer identified high inefficiencies in sharing service results and service KPI’s and Service outcomes through analytics. As a Marketing and Customer advisory, there were a number of disparate data sets used to achieve customer end result. Moreover in some cases the advisory were using customer ecosystem to deliver results and data was shared using flat files and multile file formats. All of the above combined resulted in a number of resources engaged in developing analytics for customers generally increasing the cost of deliver, affecting timeliness of analytics, correctness of reporting and significantly reducing productivity. Combining datasets to provide a holistic view was another major challenge.
QR Solutions was commissioned with a project to create a system that would process and unify data to deliver analytics


Business intelligence solution implementation by QR Solutions used Tableau online.

Tableau – Creator and Online

Creator was used predominantly for developing visualizations by QR Solutions developers and Customer Power users. Dashboards were developed and published on Tableau Online as direct Queries. Tableau allows using multiple datasets. Data blending allowed for combining these datasets into a homogenous data, making analysis easier.

Data Warehouse 

database (MS SQL Server) that stores data and prepares it for further processing by an analytical engine. The DWH contains Survey data, Campaign Data, Website performance data, Forms performance data and customer feedback.


The end result allowed customer to automate a number of siloed processes, reducing redundant human process, improving on data correctness and transparency. The Clients were now able to access the dashboards in real time making the entire process collaborative. Customer engagement improved relationships at all levels adding value to the business in general.


MS SQL Server 2012, Tableau Creator and Tableau Online.

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