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Manage Data silos in sales and marketing quantify marketing cost and show productivity


Salesforce Editions

Salesforce offers multiple editions and products with different functionality levels, deciding which feature is best suited to your business growth can be a challenge. Salesforce offers multiple product platforms and modules to enhance and empower marketing teams around the globe. Pardot is a B2B marketing automation suit that helps businesses remove multiple silos and work as a cohesive unit, sharing data across Sales and Marketing streams.
We at QR solutions helped this client with the salesforce/pardot implementation services, maximized ROI on CRM, substantially improved revenue streams.


Sales and Marketing team requirement

Our Marketing setup is similar to a number of other small/medium businesses in the b2b space.

Our website is managed by a external agency, there are a number of subdomains and landing pages that are maintained.

The website developers develop landing pages, advertise the promotions, and use common tool sets like google and other web analytics programs to provide weekly reports on website performance.

They also provide guidance around digital promotions and targeted digital promotions.

Leads and prospect data is delivered through emails and phone. Substantial customer walk-in enquiries also contribute to the sales pipeline.

  • Campaigns are not connected to the marketing outlets like website – no tracking of campaigns is visible.
  • Customer relationship is not managed through the journey – as much as we expect.
  • ⦁ Our CRM data and Retail data are not connected to our marketing data.

Pain Points

  • Far too many agencies handling services – making it expensive.
  • Too much time is consumed in executing campaigns.
  • Campaign performance is not monitored real time.
  • Marketing data is not accessible.
  • No visibility to the quality of leads generated.
  • No engagement with customers through digital channels

How have we helped?

We helped the Marketing team in the automation of their processes and realize a massive boost in revenue using Salesforce Pardot B2B implementation.
At QR solutions we understood that the requirement honed around the following goals

We as a Salesforce Implementation Partner and Salesforce consulting partner helped the marketing team digitize and automate their processes to address the above-mentioned business challenges.
With a customer first approach, we implemented Salesforce Pardot and enabled them to provide world class services to their dealers.
The process designed by us addressed both the B2B and B2C marketing approaches and after the implementation of Salesforce Pardot by QR solutions, The Marketing division is able to track almost all of their website visitors, Score leads and grade the prospects to provide the retail with the best quality prospects.</b r>
The complete customer journey from the point of entry into the lead funnel to the point of conversion into a customer is tracked, customer engagement at every touch point is personalized and automated. This gives the marketing team much needed time to assess the next steps and future planning. The Campaign analytics is completely automated and integrated into a single dashboard.


The following features were implemented to achieve the desired result.

Marketing Automation (Sales & Marketing)

  • Data Sync with Salesforce using salesforce connect.
  • Implementation of Email Templates, Forms
  • Implementation of form handlers (for preexisting website forms)
  • Engagement Studio
  • Responsive / personalized campaigns
  • Email Campaign Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Creation of Lists / Dynamic Lists

Salesforce Automations

  • APIs for automated campaign memberships
  • Workflows for routing customer interests / requests
  • Workflows for tracking customer behavior to sales
  • Reports and Dashboards – to track campaign performance.


  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Connected campaigns.
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • B2B Analytics
  • Integration with Website
  • Tracking codes / Web analytics
  • Integration with Website forms
  • Lead Scoring and Prospecting

Data Organization

Data organization is an important step wile implementing any marketing automation solution QR Solutions ensured the data quality while importing data of over 25K Lead details for nurturing purposes, 4 Locations and 16 Brands, over 200 Email templates were initially created to provide a head start for marketing division in Pardot.
The following datasets were normalized and organized within salesforce prior to going live.


Lead data

Verified Contacts with specific interests.


Product Data

Products, Sub-Products, Product Categories, Models, Series and other specifications


Campaign Details

Original Campaigns that were done through external providers and internal divisions using Mailchimp etc..



Survey forms – Customer Satisfaction Surveys – being done through multiple external platforms like SurveyMonkey etc..


Templated Responses

Templated email responses


Email Templates

Templates created from multiple platforms and products used earlier.


Website Forms / Landing Page

Tracked and documented all of the website forms and landing pages to be tracked from Pardot

Customer Success

QR Solutions has successfully transformed the CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION Business process. This has ensured the customer has a 100% digitized platform that is transparent and efficient in servicing their clients, distributors and dealers. Today the customer has recorded

usecase 2-crop images

Apart from the above process automation improvements the implementation has also improved the quality of work for the CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION team with


Project details


Marketing Automation (Sales & Marketing)

  • Looking to re-define your Marketing automation?
  • Looking to digitally transform your Sales and Marketing?
  • Want to have a motivated staff delivering 100% better sales pipeline?
  • Tracking your customer’s journey, enhancing customer engagement?
  • Measuring Marketing Campaign?


If you are looking to reap the benefits of a successful Pardot implementation services delivered efficiently in a timely manner.



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