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Improved customer engagement through B2B Marketing Automation


Salesforce Editions

Salesforce offers multiple editions and products with different functionality levels, deciding which feature is best suited to your business growth can be a challenge. We at QR solutions help you with the consultation and implementation of the right Salesforce solution for you to maximize your ROI on a CRM.
For this use case we had recommended Pardot, where the customer was already using Salesforce Sales Cloud, Forms assembly and Outreach as complementing products to manage their marketing initiatives.


Customer Challenges

A Growing company with exceptional growth across multiple time zones requires to enhance the marketing team’s capabilities to complement this growth into the future. Reduce churn and plan a sustained marketing initiative.


Customer scenario

Multiple websites and website forms + landing pages capturing leads and pushing into salesforce, Sales teams use salesforce to access lead information, qualify the leads and convert them as opportunity using a defined sales process.

Advanced opportunities are nuturued using Outreach.

Being a e-comm website, there are digital conversions, free trial subscriptions etc.. making the number of channels overlap with each other and customer engagement not being very successful. Customer often gets frequent messaging or does not get streamlined messages.

Pardot Features that Helped

1. Core marketing automation features



2. Data-driven / Rules riven decisions for messaging.

3. Creating a digital ready culture

For a transformation, it is never about using the latest technology or acquiring the up-to-date software. To keep pace with the change driven by digital transformation, creating an agile and adaptable user experience, assisting in improving adoption and organizational culture contributing to the success of any digital initiative.


Implementation plan.

Phase 1

image1 (2)

Modules Integrated

image2 (2)

How we helped?

  • Removed the 10% of duplicates from the CRM system and increased the quality rate.
  • Configured Pardot Lightning App so that business users can be able to work on Pardot directly from Salesforce.
  • Configured Engagement Metrics so that marketers can easily be able to access the marketing assets engagement metrics such as Email Open Rate, Email Click-Through Rate, Total Emails Delivered, Marketing Form Submission Rate, Total Form Views, Total Landing Page Views etc., directly from Salesforce for each Campaign.
  • Developed and automated customer journeys for specific segment of prospects. For ex: Digital Direct Remarketing Program and Healthcare Industry Nurture Program
  • Implemented the website tracking code to get the full prospect/visitor behavior, understand their interested products, pages that they have visited, time spent on each marketing assets on the website etc., This helps the Marketing and Sales to quickly jump into sales nurturing cycle and completing the deals quickly.
  • Implemented Connected Campaigns so that entire organization can see at a glance how a marketing initiative is performing and able to compare campaigns against each other in insightful campaign reports. Sales team get benefit by looking into the Engagement History to see which Pardot forms a prospect has submitted.
  • Integrated website forms with the Pardot and generated more leads.
    Implemented auto assignment actions and qualification rules within Pardot so that Sales team can work on high quality leads on priority basis that increases deal success rate.
  • Configured Pardot Tracker Domains to mask Pardot hosted content with a branded URL that gives visitors a seamless transition between pages that Whispir host and Pardot assets.
  • Setup segmented rules/lists to group prospects so that Whispir can use those lists for targeted prospects marketing communications.

Customer Success

QR Solutions has successfully assisted the customer in enabling end to end marketing automation, Delivering business goals working with internal stakeholders. This has ensured higher confidence in the marketing data and enhanced customer engagement. This 100% digitized platform has ensured the leadership is not flying blind with the marketing projections and pipelines. The implementation is bound to give the stakeholders an authenticated report on the future sales and marketing projections.

image3 (2)

Apart from the above process automation improvements the implementation has also improved the quality of work with a heightened sense of direction and achievement for the Sales and Marketing teams.

Our Perception
image4 (2)
Project details
image5 (2)
  • Looking to reap the benefits of a successful Marketing automation implementation?
  • B2B (or) B2C
  • Looking to digitally transform your business processes?
  • Want to have a motivated staff delivering 100% customer satisfaction?
  • Improving and measuring customer retention and customer loyalty?
  • Want to work with a team that is nimble and cost effective ?


If you are looking to reap the benefits of successful Salesforce implementation services delivered efficiently in a timely manner



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