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How we contributed to Business Process Transformation through efficient Integration


Salesforce Editions

Salesforce offers multiple editions and products with different functionality levels, deciding which feature is best suited to your business growth can be a challenge. We at QR solutions help you with the consultation and implementation of the right Salesforce solution for you to maximize your ROI on a CRM.

Customer Deliveries Management

The customer was planning to digitize and automate the customer delivery management of the business. Currently using salesforce for the general CRM management, the customer was using a home-grown application to manage deliveries, with loosely implemented integrations.


The following were the success goals setup by the business stake holders.

Current setup and Expectations.

Computerized systems, but with multiple manual interfaces, many areas with manual inputs there by rendering low-quality data. Customers ordering items through phone, deliveries through inhouse staff and collections done at doorstep or digital transfer.

Salesforce Features that Helped.


1. Platform benefits

  • Improved scalability
  • security
  •  Rapid implementation
  • high usability with minimum customization
  • Reduced cost
  • Work from anywhere
  • Mobile


2. Creating a digital ready culture

For a transformation, it is never about using the latest technology or acquiring the up-to-date software’s. To keep pace with the change driven by digital transformation, creating an agile and adaptable user experience, assisting in improving adoption and organizational culture contributing to the success of any digital initiative.


3. Data-driven decisions

Technology of the contemporary era, tantamount to Sales and Marketing automation, Retail digital transformation has had a massive influence across all industries, positive impacts in general. Solutions that are rendered to the retailer are designed in such a way that they enhance efficiency and good experience to both the retailer and the consumer. An online, e-commerce platform with an efficient delivery tracking service precisely achieves that.


Implementation plan.

Phase 1

image1 (1)

Phase 2

image2 (1)

Modules Integrated

image3 (1)

How we helped?

  • We helped the Customer Delivery Division in the automation of their business processes and realize a massive boost in efficiency using alesforce sales and service cloud implementation.
  • QR solutions was hired to streamline the business process and ensure a successful Salesforce integration. We helped Sales to digitize and automate their customer delivery process to address the above-mentioned business challenges.
  • With a customer first approach of our client, we implemented Integration of Salesforce sales and service cloud data, actions and events to the customer portal and delivery/fulfillment system,  With the challenge of enabling integration into multiple touch points, the entire process has been made seamless, enabling them to provide world class services to its customers and distributors at the same time.
  • The other challenge was to work with multiple vendors servicing the customer on legacy systems and CMS applications, which was heavy on investment and was not to be augmented. The CUSTOMER Sales is able to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring transparency of the complete process.
  • The whole process of the customer queries and dealers request is now automated and integrated into a single dashboard.
  • Automation of business process was done to better manage the deliveries, fullfilment, change of place time and delivery instructions to both the sales and delivery teams.

    The following features were implemented to achieve the desired result.

Office Automation (Productivity tools)

  • Email to Case
  • Web to Case
  • Salesforce Inbox / Salesforce for Outlook
  • Notifications


  • Integration with CMS
  • Integration with Fulfillment systems
  • Integration with Website
  • Integration with EPABX
  • IVR / CTI and Automated responses

Salesforce Automations

  • Case Escalation workflows
  • Automations for sales enablement / delivery instructions
  • Automated delivery assignments
  • Automated Surveys
image4 (1)
image5 (1)
Customer Success

QR Solutions has successfully assisted this customer in business transformation process, Delivering business goals working with multiple vendors. This has ensured the customer has a 100% digitized platform that is transparent and efficient in servicing their clients, distributors and dealers. Today the customer has recorded

image6 (1)

Apart from the above process automation improvements the implementation has also improved the quality of work for the Sales and Delivery fulfillment teams Improving staff morale.

image7 (1)
Project details
image8 (1)
  • Looking to reap the benefits of a successful salesforce integration?
  • Looking to digitally transform your business processes?
  • Want to have a motivated staff delivering 100% customer satisfaction?
  • Improving and measuring customer retention and customer loyalty?

If you are looking to reap the benefits of successful Salesforce implementation services delivered efficiently in a timely manner


If you are looking to reap the benefits of successful Salesforce implementation services delivered efficiently in a timely manner



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